What is a Search Query?

query is a question or phrase used to gain and validate information. Digital marketing uses a query to refer to the string of words entered into a search engine's search box. The string of querywords is entered into a search box on an internal or external search engine website to locate information. The point of a search query is to allow the user to access valuable information quickly and effectively.

By studying the keywords, search query trends, and volumes, digital marketing firms gain a better understanding of what each customer is looking for. Valuable knowledge is gained from the analyzation and used to build specific marketing plans that surround the specific trends noticed.

In regards to the search engine and digital marketing, a query is  broken down into three categories main:

  • Navigational Query - The consumer knows where they want to go and where the information is. These queries are used as an alternative to accessing the sites directly.
  • Transactional Query - The consumer indicates that there is an intent to purchase or achieve an action. E.g. ("Buy white chocolate", "Coupon for the art fair", "Download photoshop").
  • Informational Query - The consumer is searching for general information on a particular subject or product. The bulk of search queries are informational queries, but these can serve a valuable marketing purpose by educating the consumer.

Search queries are central to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your business can be either:

  • Discoverable: When someone is NOT looking for you specifically. These are non-branded queries.
  • Available (Branded Search): When someone is looking for you. For example, someone who is looking for your brand.

Google tries to evaluate intent and context when a user types in a search query.

  • Intent: what the person is searching for.
  • Context: Why they are searching for it. For example to save money.

Search Marketing can generate more leads and sales if you optimize and understand what and how users are searching and how they are finding you. Is it through your brand or via resources, questions, or other information.

The Importance of a Well Researched Query for Your Business

By understanding the query that your customer is going to search for, you will improve your ability to optimize your search engine marketing to reach your ideal customers. Develop an understanding of what your potential customers are looking for to build an educated marketing campaign. Researching specific keywords for a frequency of search is extremely valuable to your online marketing efforts to get in front of a targeted group of prospective clients.

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