Internet Marketing Monthly Cost for Small Businesses

Many Small Businesses Are Asking: What is Your  Internet Marketing Monthly Cost (or Investment)?

Internet Marketing Monthly CostWhat separates the best internet marketing companies from the rest of the crowd? The answer is passion. If you love what you do then you will constantly produce at a higher standard. Digital Shift loves working with passionate entrepreneurs and business owners. Our passion is dedicated toward helping small businesses, just like yours, grow! Numerous experts out there advocate otherwise and say that your primary interest would be to enjoy high returns earnings but look at this: is it possible to start a company that sells great products or offers outstanding services if you don't really find out about or rely on? When someone is passionate about their business, it really shows, and we truly enjoy working with motivated business owners. Additionally, it's much simpler to create content and keep maintaining your website by using services that offer services with an internet marketing monthly cost. You've got great curiosity about it? So once you have made a decision to contact us and to learn more about our Internet Marketing services. Ask yourself, have you recognized your passion? Let us help. Contact our internet marketing experts today!

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Discover Our Monthly Cost For Small Businesses And How We Can Transform Your Business!Online Marketing Monthly Cost


How did all of this Internet Marketing Get Started?

According to the Wikipedia's History of Google 'Google began in March 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D.  Students at Stanford working on the Stanford Digital Library Project.' From a research project for a couple of students in 1996 to the greatest website worldwide today, Google has truly done some amazing changes in these past 12 years and of course, an integral part of the history of internet marketing has been the development of search engine optimization. Learn how we can help your business implement the best possible internet marketing strategies. There are many internet marketing firms to choose from, let Digital Shift be your choice!

Benefits of Online Marketing

Having an online presence in today's world is crucial for any business. Customers expect to find your product or service online when they search your name. There has been an increasing trend of conducting an information search online prior to making a purchasing decision. Therefore, if your business does not have an online strategy you're missing out. Not having an internet marketing strategy emits negative connotations to customers who haven't been exposed to your brand before. Here are some more benefits of internet marketing for businesses of all sizes:

ConvenienceMonthly Cost for Small Businesses

Having an online presence means customers can access information about your products and services from any location, at any time. Your store does not have to physically be open early or work later. This is a massive convenience for both staff and customers. Customers can conduct their information search when it's convenient for them while store employees don't have to work longer hours than necessary.


Internet marketing allows you to overcome geographic restrictions. You are no longer limited by physical distance. You can now sell products or services all over the country from one location, thus expanding your target market. It also helps you reach different distributors across the country or in different nations. Expanding your network is never a bad idea in the business world. However, if you do want to sell your products or services internationally you must be much more cautious ensuring that your products are indeed suitable for local markets and regulations. You must also consider cultural differences and taboos. Obviously, something you sell in North America could be interpreted very differently in Asia or the Middle East. You must ensure you are not offending any customers or potential clients.

Internet MarketingPersonalization

Internet marketing allows your to track visitors buying behavior. You can watch what pages your customers spend most of their time on and determine which products they are most interested in. This allows you to personalize offers to them that better reflect their interests and make them more likely to convert. This customer information is also incredibly useful because it provides you with a starting point to cross-sell them more products. All the best internet advertising strategies utilize personalization to some degree.


Internet Marketing allows you to build effective, long-lasting relationships with customers. Nurturing relationships with customers creates rapport and makes them more likely to refer you to a friend through positive word of mouth. It also helps increase customer retention levels because you are constantly listening and looking for feedback. This relationship building can start with a simple email once they have made a purchase. You can then take them through an email drip campaign slowly building the relationship with personalizes messages and offers. Any time you give the customer a unique experience they are going to appreciate the extra effort.

SocialInternet Marketing

Arguably one of the most important benefits of internet marketing is taking advantage of social media. Social media is one of the best ways for you to exponentially grow your business and brand awareness. If you can post interesting and eye-catching content on a social media web page customers and visitors will follow you and possibly share, like, or comment on the posts. The instant they take any of these actions your business gets free exposure to hundreds of potential customers. On average Facebook users have 250 friends, therefore, anytime a person like or shares your content you will get on average 250 more impressions. On Twitter, the numbers are similar with the average number of followers being 208. The power of social media is second to none in today's internet marketing world and if you truly want your business to flourish you should be taking full advantage of the free platforms.


Internet marketing is much more affordable than marketing your product through a physical brick and mortar location. You do not have to continually purchase display stock and inventory for your store. You also skip the majority of overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical location. Internet Marketing allows you to promote your products and services and only order stock when you actually have a sale, allowing you to better manage your inventory and align supply with demand.Internet Marketing

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