Backlink Tools

What Is A Backlink?

Also known as Inbound links (IBL's), backlinks are links that lead to your website and are important parameters that help rank your website on Google. The more backlinks you have, the more your popularity will soar as Google gives more credit to websites that have a solid number of backlinks. However, search engines will also check for quality. What determines quality? When backlinks to your site are coming from other websites that have content related to your site, backlinks are considered relevant which boosts their quality score. Before you consult a marketing agency, we recommend using these five backlink tools to do a swift analysis of your website that will help you determine the number of backlinks to your website, analyze data, and improve your website ranking.


Besides searching for keywords, another key feature SEMRush provides is tracking backlinks. By entering your URL into the search box, you will see a Backlinks Section under Domain Analytics. Clicking into the Backlinks Section, you will be given the total number of backlinks to your website.

MOZ Open Site Explorer

With MOZ, you can discover backlinks, gauge your site's influence, and learn what keywords your website may be ranking for. For doing basic research on your website, MOZ is a good place to start.


Ahrefs gives you a thorough look at your backlink profile: they do a comprehensive search on your backlinks, what keywords your website is ranking for and how much organic traffic it brings in, tells you if your competitors are buying search ads, and if so, what keywords they are bidding on, which page of your website has the most backlinks, and your website linking patterns. Ahrefs provides better data segmentation and trends analysis than MOZ and SEMRush.


Majestic uses different charts to help you understand historical data and trends happening with your website. By using Majestic, you can do a quick summary of links and your entire website. The tools that come with Majestic include Site Explorer, Compare Domains, Bulk Backlinks, Search Explorer, and Developer API but has competitive pricing.


By putting in your website URL, you can not only view the number of backlinks, but also the number of shares on each social media platform. With an exponentially growing number of articles on the web, it is difficult to rule out what is worth reading and what to skip over. To combat this problem, Buzzsumo offers a variety of services that will polish your content to make it on par if not better than your competitors or other related content on the web and draw in readers.

By knowing the number and quality of backlinks on your website, you can improve your website ranking on multiple search engines that will ultimately boost your traffic and sales.

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