How to Integrate ServiceTitan Scheduling with Google Business Profile Appointment Booking Link

Integrating ServiceTitan Scheduling with Google Business Profile As a home service business owner, streamlining your operations and making your services more accessible to your customer base is crucial for business growth. One way to achieve this is by integrating ServiceTitan Scheduling with your Google Business Profile. This guide will walk you through the process and […]

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SEO Traffic Value Calculator

  SEO Traffic calculator not loading? Click here.

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LSA vs. Google Ads vs. Local Map Pack vs. Organic Search? A healthy marketing mix makes all the difference and more traffics converts to more leads and customers. Where you are on the search engine results page makes a huge difference, and the more screen space you take up, the better chance you have of […]

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What to do When Your GMB Listing is Suspended

GMB suspensions are typically taken when a listing seems to violate Googles guidelines for representing businesses on Google. It is also possible for a listing to be suspended after a Google user reports the Google Map listing. You can find Google's guidelines for representing a business here. GMB suspensions can be frustrating as there is […]

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HR Marketing

What is HR Marketing? HR marketing is the activities an organization uses to attract and retain the talent. It is the combined effort between management, human resources and the marketing team. Human Resouce Marketing is done externally to attract new talent as well as internally to retain current talent. How HR & Marketing Work Together […]

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How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

Steps to Add Admin to Facebook Page Start the setup from and select the company you want to work on. If you are doing this via Meta Business manager, here are the steps to add a business manager to your Facebook account. Step 1 From click on the menu icon and select  "business settings." Step 2 […]

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Google Display Network Targeting Options

Managed Placements Management Placements can be uploaded from a list of website that you provided to Google. You provide the specific websites that you want to target your display advertising. You are telling Google that you believe your audience visits these websites and that you only want to display your ads there. This strategy is good and […]

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Featured Snippets in Search Results Strategy

Can Featured Snippets in Search Results be Part of Your SEO Strategy? It sure can! If your content follows best practices and already is ranking it certainly can! Here's how we ranked for "landing page checklist" and other terms: Find popular topics desired by real users be seeing what's shared on social Research the topic […]

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How to Turn Off Automatic Application of Ad Suggestions in Google Ads

You Can Opt-Out of Auto Applying Google Ad Suggestions, and Maybe You Should! We've seen auto-suggestions create some terrible ads that lead to an increase in cost (more money for Google) and a drop in performance (less conversion for you). To stop this nonsense and take full control of your Google Ads Management, continue reading. […]

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What Information is Required for Local SEO?

What information do I need to start Local SEO? Here's the information that you'll need to get started with Local SEO Services. Business Name - This is the full official business name that is to be used to citations, directories and local SEO Address - The address exactly as it is listed on Google or […]

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Add User to Google My Business

Google My Business | Add Manager Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to add a manager to your Google My Business account. In order to continue with these steps, you must have access to the Gmail account that owns your location(s). If you do not have "Owner" access you will have to request that […]

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Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration

6 Steps to Integrate Facebook Lead with Your CRM Go to your facebook page and follow these steps: Click publishing tools Select Leads Setup Start typing the name of your CRM - in this example, we are using MailChimp Select your lead ads form Select your destination/list - this is where leads will be imported […]

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