Build Trust With Your Website Visitors

Build Trust With Your Website Visitors

With strong trust comes loyal customers and with loyal customers comes a steady stream of money. People are cautious with what they do over the Internet, especially when transactions are involved. While it can be difficult to gain trust on your website, you can implement a variety of different techniques to increase conversions.


Badges reflect credibility. Whether it’s an achievement, a policy such as a money-back guarantee, or confidence about the quality of your product, put a badge somewhere visible on your website to promote this aspect. The color is also an important factor to consider. Gold is associated with value and worth, while red is representative of danger or to take caution. While it is important to consider color, you cannot forget the importance of it contrasting with the other colors of your website.

Show that you know your stuff. By showing logos from satisfied customers, it shows that you are not only experienced but great at what you do. When businesses owners see that you have helped others become successful, without a doubt they will be more likely to contact and buy from you.

Most people are cautious with their money. If you are requesting for credit card information, people will want to see that your form and checkout methods are secure as possible. For example, if you use Paypal, include a Paypal logo near the checkout button, on the checkout page, or even on your homepage to advertise your security measures when handling such information. Having payment logos can help push purchases and reduce shopping cart abandonment.


By having a number of satisfied customers endorse your business is the biggest and most effective way to build trust and credibility. As people like to feel included, when you show that you have solved similar problems other people are having, they want that exact same result. Testimonials can come in a variety of different forms but a video testimonial would be much more effective as potential customers can put a name to a face and make it more engaging. Even with a professional client picture next to a review would work better than having a simple block of text of a positive review.

There are a lot of methods you can implement to build trust with your visitors. However, the biggest takeaway of building trust are putting a strong testimonial to a face as it kills two birds with one stone: it’s inviting and shows credibility.

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