Are You Using These Competitor Research Tools?

Ethically Spy on Your Competitors Using These Competitor Research Tools!

Chances are that you are not the only business in your industry. In this day and age, it is close to impossible not to have any competitors targeting the same customers you are. Now you are probably wondering how I can achieve a competitive edge over everyone else if they are utilizing the same digital marketing tools as you are. Essentially, you want to be a step further. But by seeing what marketing strategy your competitors are using, you can also learn from them as well. Here are some strategies and tools to approach.


What is the secret formula of your successful competitors? Spyfu gets you a look at what your competitor is doing behind the scenes for the past 9 years such as ad variations, their organic rankings, and every keyword they bought on Adwords. Spyfu gets you more traffic by making great recommendations to drive clicks to your Adwords or SEO campaigns and track how your keywords are ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By getting you more traffic, you're making better connections that will help you build partnerships or generate sales leads. Spyfu is definitely a great tool to check out by simply putting in your competitor's website.

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy provides you with four options: domains, keywords, destination URLs, and ad copies. By selecting and putting in the appropriate information, you get an overview of how your competitor is performing. Keyword Spy also gives you information in the form of a pie chart to see who their biggest competitor is in PPC and Organic.


A key feature of Alexa is Competitive Intelligence. It gives you the power to research websites, analyze your competitors, and discover opportunities. How much traffic are other websites getting? What's the quality of their website? You can find out what's working for them and use it to your advantage. By leveraging competitive data, you can easily know your next move and be one step ahead. Also, by finding which websites are rising quickly with an audience you like to attract, decide whether they will be good business partnerships or sponsorship opportunities with Alexa's competitive intelligence tool.


Simply enter your competitor website to get a wide array of features presented in an easy-to-understand format that gets you a better understanding of your competitor and other competitors that you probably didn't know about. You can also compare more than one competitor at a time to see who is doing better.

After using these competitor analysis tools, we hope you have a better understanding or a basic idea of your competitors and their digital marketing strategy.

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