How To Save Your Headlines From Sure Death

How To Save Your Headlines From Sure Death

You have less than a tenth of a second to win your audience, where they will decide to explore further or not. If you don’t want your customers to trash your emails before reading them, or if you want to entice people to click on your blog, what you need is an attractive headline. The best headline is like delicious chocolate, you have to take a bite. Without catchy headlines, surely your emails, blogs, and posts will die, or at least be left by the wayside. Here are 5 fabulous headline analysis tools to resurrect your writing.


Coschedule is a content marketing platform. This tool allows you to analyze headlines, giving each one a score between 0 and 100. The Score is based on 4 factors: common words, uncommon words, emotional, and powerful words. It shows you all the headlines you’ve entered and their scores, allowing you to choose the best one. You can adjust your headlines until you find the perfect one! This tool is free and incredibly easy to use.


Optimizely has to be one of the best headline tools on the market. Companies such as Disney, CNN, and Microsoft are using it to analyze their headlines. The best part is Optimizely has a multivariate testing element that is far better the A/B testing. You can try every different images and headlines combo to test what is absolutely the best results. Using their Starter Plan and try it for free!


Qualaroo helps you to improve the headline by using a mini survey. You use Qualaroo to create a simple designed mini survey and publish it in the bottom of the web page.  After analyzing the user’s feedbacks, you can create a better headline or improve the existing one. If you want to know the user experience of the headline,ask them by using Qualaroo.

Boost Media

Boost Media is an open platform that allows you to bring your own data from Marin, Adobe DoubleClick or other proprietary applications. You can find your specific KPIs and optimize it by using Boost Media. It also provides a/b testing and multivariate testing to help you to get better results. Their resourceful network is always ready to use whenever you need them.

Are you ready?

Headline analyzing is very important for content marketing. If you can’t get attention from customers’ first sight, you fail the first step. If you fail the first step, you are dead. Using those powerful headline analyzer as an anvil, create a sharp headline and prick it into target’s heart at first sight.

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