Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to practices, technologies, and strategies that companies use to analyze customer behaviour with the ultimate goal of improving and sustaining positive relationships with their customers and driving sales. CRM relies heavily on data to see what areas your business can build upon.


Capsule is a great tool for people who are new to CRM software. Capsule supports integrations with Xero, MailChimp, and FreshBooks. It covers contact management, project management, and lead management. Capsule manages not just customer relationships but also your contacts, leads, vendors and more. You can track bids, proposals, and deals to see where your customers are coming from. Notes, conversations, docs, and files are all in one place so you can easily share them with your co-workers. Capsule is simple, effective, and flexible.


Insightly is easy, powerful and affordable. Key features of Insightly include the ability to manage your vendors, organizations, partners, etc., and tracks your project activity to ensure that you are on task. Insightly detects every social media profile that is related to a contact's email address. Compatible with mobile devices and equipped with key integrations, Insightly is an ideal CRM to check out.


Salesforce  has all the features of an effective CRM software. It includes call center management, campaign management, social media integration, and mobile support. As your business grows, Salesforce is a tool to keep in mind to help you manage CRM properly.


Infusionsoft covers marketing automation, sales automation, and e-commerce. Opposed to other CRM software, InfusionSoft has kickstart services to guide strategies and investment. Infusionsoft is recommended for advanced users and those who are seeing a significant growth in sales.


SugarCRM has unlimited studio customizations and SQL server. A key feature of this tool is that you can create complex workflows by using an advanced visual designer. You do not need any coding experience. SugarCRM has a large storage base and 24/7 customer service.

Building a strong relationship with customers and suppliers makes your business undefeatable. By using CRM software, you can boost your business and identify potential problems. is an excellent automation tool with lots of advanced marketing features. You can use it to get real-time dashboard data, growth management, and user interaction tracking in one place. With, you can save several hours of work each week, and use this valuable time to focus on spending time with your clients and further growing our business.


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