Better Ways To Help You Manage Client Relationships

Better Ways To Help You Manage Client Relationships

You've made your way to the top of search engines by knowing what keywords to use to optimizing your website and web pages. With all of your hard work, you've left your competitors at the curb and are well on your way to becoming the next big thing in your industry. Now you've got client meetings to book and attend with more on the way. We recommend using these tools to help you become better organized so you won't ever be late or miss an important meeting.


When are you available? With Calendy, set your availability preferences first before sharing with clients, students, and colleagues. From your availability, they pick an empty time spot which the event is then added to your calendar. Calendy saves you time and makes it super easy for anyone to connect with you.


With Join.Me you can collaborate with people instantly by video. Join.Me has free screen sharing and unlimited audio with no registration required. To connect with multiple people, Join.Me has a feature that allows you to host a free conference call by telling participants to first call into the conference number of their choice and then entering the 9-digit ID you provide. An insightful feature of Join.Me is its ability to simply host a free online webinar. To grant access to your meaningful conversations, simply give those people the unique 9-digit webinar ID you will provide.


If you haven't heard of Skype, you probably have been living under a rock for some time now. Skype is the most popular tool for video calls nowadays with group calls, screen sharing, instant messaging, and the ability to call cell phone numbers. Skype also gets you Caller ID to let people know that it's you. Other unique features of Skype include Skype Translator where an online translator helps you communicate in 50 languages while messaging and 7 languages for voice calls.


GoToWebinar allows you to present to anyone anywhere in the world. Essentially, the information you offer gets turned into a conversation. Some helpful resources of GoToWebincar include the ability to record your webinar beforehand to post. Reinforce your brand and amplify your marketing message to get you better leads by getting a registered report on metrics and data to help improve your future webinars. Engage your audience by putting polls, surveys, and Q&As to see what you can continue doing and what needs to change. By picking a compelling topic to engage your audience in, GoToWebinar generates a list of your most active attendees so your team can convert them into customers.

Whether you're meeting clients face-to-face or through mobile or trying to get new leads, it is important to stay organized so you won't feel overwhelmed by what needs to get accomplished. We hope that these tools will help relieve the stress that comes with success.

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