Guide To An Effective Landing Page

Guide To An Effective Landing Page

Are you running paid, targeted ads online just to have people click them and quickly leave your landing page? Does your bounce rate reflect this? If done correctly, landing pages can be your most effective salesman. The best thing about it, you can track the costs, benefits and conversion rate. While creating an effective landing page can be a difficult task, we have put together an easy guide to help you improve the effectiveness of your landing page.

#1. Grab Visitors Attention

You only have about three seconds to grab the attention of your visitor, wherein your visitor will form an impression and make a decision. Your design and layout have to make a strong first impression. It is important to have a unique value proposition; this is a clearly crafted, simple message that communicates why you are different and worth buying from or contacting. It is important to have a page that is free of clutter and draws the attention of the user to a specific element on the page. Give your important and compelling content the most space. Give users just one task, not fifty. Simplifying the page will decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.

#2. Invite Your User to Act

All effective landing pages invite users to act or have a CTA (call to action). The call to action should not be hard to find or ambiguous, rather easy to identify and clearly communicated. The best CTAs have just one objective, stand out on the page, usually start with a verb (e.g. sign up, download), and make it clear what you get when you click. Provide all the relevant information that visitors need to make a smart, logical decision. If possible try to create a sense of urgency, this can be done by running limited time promotions.

#3. Build Trust

You know just as well as everyone else that the internet is full of scams. The way you filter your decisions with caution and skepticism is likely how your audience will filter their decisions. A professional layout and design will do wonders in building trust. Content marketing tends to help build trust. Including something like a testimonial on your landing page can build trust. Try to reduce the anxiety of your audience and be proactive in addressing objections they may have such as price, compatibility, competition, and time.

#4. Give To Receive

Often, landing pages are not seeking to convert visitors into buyers, rather convert them to leads. They will offer visitors bribes such as a free webinar or provide some sort of free content, just like this email. In return, they will require the visitor to provide an email or contact information. Usually, the webinar or information will also build trust. Nothing is free! Visitors understand you are seeking a win/win relationship.

#5. Make Your Landing Page Look as Beautiful as the Person in Your Image

While credibility and trust are crucial elements when making a landing page, it also has to be inviting and enticing. Who likes to look at less than appealing images? The appearance of your website will greatly influence the first impression of a visitor. Beauty sells!

Landing pages are usually the first impression a new visitor has to your website or business and have a single primary objective. By using these tips, you will be able to create a balance between all of these important elements, and soon you will be an online marketing ninja!

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