Google LSA Background Checks

More About Google Background Checks

Here are the top things you need to know about Google LSA Background Checks:

  • You can get started on this before applying to Local Service Ads (LSA) program
  • Ensure you use the exact business name for the location you are verifying
  • All technicians need a background check and need to be linked to a specific business name and service area
  • Get everyone on your team involved and collect all of their info
  • This process takes about a month

How much does a background check cost?

Nothing but time, the Google LSA background check itself is free.

Who performs the Google LSA background check?

The background checks are done by Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, Inc.

How frequently do background checks need to happen?

The background checking process will happen on an annual basis. A background re-checking will happen after one year of your initial Google Guarantee approval. This ensures that everyone is current and any new team member is added and has a background check done.

What does the background check look for?

Pinkerton is looking for major flags that can be a risk when visiting a customer's home. Inquiries are done at the employee and company level:

  • Employee: Social Security number validity and criminal history (including cross-checks against national sex offender and terrorist/sanctions registries)
  • Company: professional license, insurance verifications, as well as civil litigation history (including judgments and liens from federal and state courts)
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