HR Marketing

What is HR Marketing?

HR marketing is the activities an organization uses to attract and retain the talent. It is the combined effort between management, human resources and the marketing team. Human Resouce Marketing is done externally to attract new talent as well as internally to retain current talent.

How HR & Marketing Work Together

Human resources and marketing can work together to create digital assets that will be used to attract new candidates. Assets required for a successful candidate marketing campaign include:

  • System for tracking candidates (HR software)
  • Job hiring site profiles (also good for SEO)
  • Job descriptions with NAP+W or unstructured citations (for Local SEO)
  • Updated web pages: about us, why us, awards page, careers (benefits and job postings), client testimonials
  • Video asset about the company/message from owners/founders
  • Video assets of team testimonials (two+ work best)
  • Video assets of client testimonials (recommended)
  • Social media posts and hashtags to track
  • Social media graphics and graphics for all assets
  • Social monitoring tool to track hashtag and social engagement
  • An ideal candidate profile (psychographic and demographic data)
  • Dedicated ad spend budget for targetted promotions
  • Social media calendar and posting plan

The number of assets required depends on the position that is being promoted. The junior positions require fewer assets, while senior more specialized roles require more assets and take more time.

How Does HR Help Marketing?

The marketing team helps HR role out the marketing campaigns to attract new talent. This includes offline and online activities like social media and advertising. A central hiring management platform like is very important for HR marketing. When you have multiple platforms with users communicating via an email box and spreadsheet tracking it doesn't work well.  The candidates applying for job opportunities should go into one HR software to make the management of candidates centralized and pain-free.

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