Keyword Research Tools For Digital Marketing

The 6 Weapons You Need For Digital Marketing

Why Do You Need Keyword Research Tools?

What are your customers typing in Google search engine? As a business owner, you will always want to know what your customers are searching for. If they type in “restaurant Edmonton”, will your company be listed first? If not, what are the best keywords to use in your digital marketing campaign? To answer those questions, we have provided you with some valuable keyword research tools. These tools will help you identify why your website is ranking the way it is. While there is an endless pool of tools to choose from, we have narrowed it down to six that we believe are worth your time.


SEMRush is the mother of keyword research tools. There are a lot of functions that come with SEMRush:

She finds the best relevant keywords.

She tracks your traffic.

She provides a visualized data report.

The only disadvantageous feature to SEMRush is its competitive pricing. However, she has amazing tools for not only business owners, market researchers but also interactive agencies.

Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords Planner is also known as the son of Google Adwords. Compared to other keyword searching tools, Google Keywords Planner acts like a plug-in in which there are 4 options you can use to get enough data for your AdWords marketing campaign:

Search for new keyword and ad group ideas. Use this to get started.

Get a comprehensive list of keywords and group them. When you already have your keywords picked out, the keywords planner will give you an estimated number of people who are searching for your keywords on a monthly basis.

Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords. This option provides you with an estimated number of clicks on specific keywords on the campaign.

Combine your keyword lists into a master view.

While Google Keywords Planner is free, you must make an account to get access to its features.

SEO Book Keyword Tool

While the SEO Book Keyword Tool is primarily used for quantitative and relative analysis, it also combines sources such as Google Trends, Google Suggest, There are certain features like duplicate content checker and website health checks that are restricted to members only, but there are still a variety of useful SEO tools that are accessible to the general public.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is simple with quite interesting functions such as keyword suggestions for YouTube and Amazon. There are four different packages you can choose from, each coming with different features.


KWFinder is a recommended tool for people who are just beginning their keyword research journey. It covers very basic functions and types of data. By simply typing in your keywords and selecting a region and language, it will give you a score to show how competitive your SEO level is. KWFinder also provides keyword suggestions that include trend, search volume, CPC, and PPC.


If you are unable to find new keywords in Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest is a great and free alternative. You are able to check how every keyword is trending in each state in Google in a little window. There is also a unique feature of UberSuggest that combines many keywords into a colorful collage called Word Cloud. UberSuggest is a great keyword extension tool to use when you are just starting out.

Some of these tools are great in getting started, but as your business grows it is important to keep those with more advanced plans in mind as more valuable information regarding SEO is never a bad thing to have.

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