Posting to Multiple Facebook Locations

Are You posting to multiple Facebook Locations?

Facebook Location Settings posting to multiple Facebook Locations

If you have locations configured and have multiple locations (previously called children accounts) under your main account (parent account) you can automatically cross-post content to all of your locations at once.

You have the following options to show posts from your main account on your location pages:

  • Always show - this options will show all the posts from the parent account
  • Only show on location Pages that don’t publish their own posts
  • Never show - this option will not display any posts from the main account

The current facebook location settings are limited and we suggest using a social media platform to manage and post content to specific content groups to ensure that relevant content is displayed. For example, locations that have a carwash can be grouped into a content group to promote car washes so that car washes don't have advertised at locations that do not have this option.

If you have any questions about setting up Facebook business locations contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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