Reputation Management Tools

Reputation Management Tools

How’s your reputation online? With most of your time being occupied by doing what you do best, it will be difficult to allocate more time to see what people are saying about you and monitor your social media platforms. Online reputation management can easily take up a good chunk of your day, if not your entire day if you don’t have a helping hand. That’s why we are going to introduce you to the following tools to make tracking your reputation online a piece of cake.


Listen to relevant conversations and gather good content by using Trackur. This reputation management tool notifies you instantly when your brand is mentioned, which means that you are able to respond quickly without having to be glued onto a social media platform all day. Trackur offers analytical capabilities that will help you analyze and track trends.


With Naymz, you can not only measure your influence and reputation online but also manage your personal brand. By signing up for free, Naymz gives you a RepScore which is composed of three components: peer assessments, social influence, and transparency. Peer assessments judge how reputable and trustworthy you are with those who are connected to you. Social influence manages how many likes, comments, and reposts you receive on various social media platforms. Lastly, transparency measures how defined you are. This is measured by seeing how you are at keeping your brand relevant to others.  

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to set up alerts for search terms such as your company name or relevant phrases to your company. It specifies what kind of results you’re looking for and how often you want notifications. Google will automatically send alerts directly to your email, so there is no need to constantly check to see if new content has been added to your search terms.


Cut through the clutter of unstructured data with Brandseye. This tool provides you with data-driven insights to guide your social media marketing campaign strategy. What is being said about your brand? How do people feel about it? What is driving their opinions? Brandseye takes online news and social media and combines it with traditional broadcast media to monitor your reputation.


SocialMention is completely free and easy to use. By typing in a keyword, phrase, your business, or competitor, you can see a detailed breakdown of the sources and users, how positive or negative the conversation is, and the overall reach. However, SocialMention does not notify you of changes that can constantly occur. Therefore, you would have to repeatedly check for any new information.

Free Review Monitoring

This tool is very similar to the others. A unique feature of Free Review Monitoring is that you can sort reviews by location.

Social reputation is hard to maintain and much more difficult to manage. We hope that managing your reputation online is no longer a chore.

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