Let Your Popularity Soar With These SEO Ranking Tools

Let Your Popularity Soar With These Ranking Tools

Checking how your competitors are doing is only half the battle. By identifying and fixing problems within your own website, you can easily move your way up on search engines. Performing a daily check on your website is ranking in comparison to your competitors is a tedious but a good habit to develop as the faster the problem is identified, the faster you can fix it and outrank your competitors. To get some valuable insight to why you are ranking the way you are, we recommend using these tools.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs saves you time by automating your SEO monitoring, track local rankings, and recover keywords with their leading SEO software. You are able to track results by postal code, city, and country and easily add both desktop and mobile versions of your website to see how they compare. Running manual reports daily can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. This is why Authority Labs allows you to set automated data exports and receive monthly or weekly reports. In a nutshell, Authority Labs does not only track your rankings but gives you and your team a report on how you're doing.


Equipped with a wide array of features, Positionly tracks your local and global search engine rankings and monitors your website's organic, referral and paid traffic presented on one chart. Positionly also has a simple dashboard that manages thousands of keywords. See how your website is performing on a daily basis and why your rankings are affecting your growth.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking provides an easy rank tracking online interface that is also 100% mobile friendly so you can spend less time tracking and more on optimization. Compare you and your competitor's site side-by-side to check local and international rankings from 50+ countries. Control how often you want to be given a report and how many results you want to be given with Advanced Web Ranking's flexibility.

SE Ranking

In any region of the world, get an accurate position of your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By compacting your information and providing tips and tooltips to help you improve, SE Ranking is a sophisticated platform for accurate analysis of website positions.

Start identifying why you are ranking the way you are by using these tools to help solve problems in your digital marketing campaign. These tools are not only great for beginners but also enterprises as they give you an insight to what is working and what needs to change.

Google Search Console

This is a free service provided by Google for webmasters. It provides basic information on SERP rankings. Do not forget to use Google Analytics to track these keywords more effectively and get more relevant data. This tool provides information from only Google’s search engine.


This tool solely does rank tracking. It will provide ranking information from multiple search engines, not just Google. Costs vary from $10-300/month depending on the number of keywords (ranging from 50-10,000) and whether the account is self-managed or not. It provides data on more than just rank including changes in rank, volume of searches, and the platforms being used to search keywords. Serpfox will help provide important information about keyword movement.


This tool allows you to gather quickly and share keyword rankings from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This program allows you to integrate your Google Analytics data. This tool can create reports in PDF and Excel formats. Accounts range from $4.95-329.95/month depending on the number of keywords (ranging from 25-5000).

Many of the tracking tools have very similar core common features and competitive prices. They will all provide SERP rankings and unlimited domains, but differ in how they deliver the data and what it can be used to do. Choosing an appropriate plan will be based on the number of keywords you are seeking to track. Google Console provides a free solution to track keywords. Their reports and interface may not be as friendly and data not as comprehensive as other paid options, but it is a good start to get an idea of how to track your keyword rankings. Many of these tools offer free two week trials to help you get familiar with them. Good luck choosing a tracking tool that is right for you and your business!

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