Local Service Ads vs. Google Ads vs. Maps vs. Organic Search?

LSA vs. Google Ads vs. Local Map Pack vs. Organic Search?

A healthy marketing mix makes all the difference and more traffics converts to more leads and customers.

Where you are on the search engine results page makes a huge difference, and the more screen space you take up, the better chance you have of getting a new customer.

On average, the following search engine positions get the highest portion of clicks:


Proportion of clicks

Local Services Ads

Proportion of clicks: 13.8%

Google Ads

Proportion of clicks: 11.1%

Google Local Map Pack

Proportion of clicks: 28.8%

Google Organic Results

Proportion of clicks: 43.9%

When you add up organic results (28.8% + 43.9%), organic traffic makes up 72.7% of the total click-throughs — this is where you want to be to consistently win high-quality leads without breaking the bank.

Are you thinking: how can take I take advantage of this free organic traffic? The answer is simple, invest in SEO.

Have a look at the case study results from Bright Local:

Seo Vs Ppc Which Is Better For My Business

So why are Google Local Service Ads and Google Ads so much more popular? Because people aren't patient and want results today. Most people just want to throw money at their lead problem and get immediate results.

Instead of investing and getting long-term results, our human nature desires immediate gratification even if it costs an arm and a leg.

What we really should be doing is analyzing each situation and determining how to implement SEO now, so that you can benefit from the long-term results it offers.

If you get started with advertising service right now you can start getting leads as quickly as tomorrow — this is true! Most of the money ends up in Google pockets and once things are working we often forget to review the strategy to see if any changes are required or whether to diversify into other traffic sources or methods.

Don't get stuck in the hamster wheel of paid leads.

The high cost of paid leads negatively impacts your profile margins and results in a high customer acquisition cost — in the long-run, this means less money in your pocket.

Want to make more profit and acquire customers for less?

Contact us today to review and discuss all your options! Be a well-informed business owner before making a commitment to search engine marketing.

Pros & Cons

Seo Vs Ppc Pros And Cons

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Digital Shift is a very transparent agency who delivers quality work in a timely manner. I highly recommend them for local marketing.
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Their highly in-depth knowledge & experience working in SEO has given my organization a strategic competitive advantage over our competitors.
Matt W.
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