Social Media Management Tools

The Top Social Media Platforms

Regardless of what type of business you run, having and maintaining a presence on social media is crucial to generating new leads and updating your customers on the latest promotions, products, and services. What are the gurus of social media using to manage their information? Social media platform tools have the capability to analyze, monitor, and manage your company’s information, product, or service over one or multiple social media accounts.


Hootsuite is perhaps the biggest social media management tool. It allows you to manage all of your social networks under one roof and schedule your posts. Hootsuite comes equipped with analytics to give an in-depth view of your business, to see how well your social media campaign is going, so you can continue with what is working or change strategies. With a secure login, an app directory, and the ability to add team members to your workload, Hootsuite builds a connection with you and your audience with their monitoring tools.


ContentStudio is our team's favorite, and greatest, social media management and posting tool. We would obviously like to keep this a secret, but Amad Ahmed and the entire ContentStudio team is just so amazing! The platform allows us to post, schedule, and create custom content groups that are easily shareable with clients. ContentStudio also makes it easy to share, manage, and get approval for scheduled posts. So, if you're looking for a powerful social media management tool that's designed for brands and agencies — look no further than ContentStudio!


BuzzBundle comes equipped with many powerful social media management features. With BuzzBundle, you can create unlimited personas and social profiles with easy switching that allows you to add existing accounts, create new social profiles, publish messages in social accounts, use proxies, and gather all your brand mentions. BuzzBundle can optimize workflow by scheduling any number of announcements and posts.


SocialBee allows you to create evergreen categories, create schedules, custom posts for each channel, include variations for posts and bulk edit existing posts. It's an absolute time-saver and an excellent tool to include in your social media arsenal.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social can build and maintain your social media community, respond swiftly to questions your customers have, market to the right audience, and manage your stream of clients from a single tool. Sprout Social offers solutions for both small businesses and big enterprises.


Buffer has over 3 million users. Buffer allows you to share your content at the ideal time throughout the day and post simultaneously to all of your social networks. You can post the same message or alter it slightly by customizing each post. Recently, Buffer added an option that allows you to create and resize images to fit each format for different social platforms.


AgoraPulse is a great tool for both small and large businesses. Like the other tools mentioned, AgoraPulse manages your social media engagement with your audience, provides analytics, shares how you rank in relation to your competitors and helps with running promotions and contests. AgoraPulse provides you with reports in PowerPoint form to help you monitor your business.


OnlyWire allows you to prioritize your accounts and respond to comments posted on your primary networks. It is possible for multiple users to manage and post from this tool. This tool will assign you your very own support manager.

The implementation of any of these tools will make your social media life a whole lot simpler as it gives you access and manages your platforms under one rooftop. There will be no need for you to constantly jump around from one social platform to another.

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