Social Media Tips: The Must Do's

How to Properly Utilize Social Media For Your Business

Regardless of what social media platform you’re using to promote your business, it can be difficult to pinpoint what kind of ad you want to create with what message. As ad promotions and ideas are forever an endless pit, below are some common ad types that small businesses are using nowadays to get their voice out there.

Social Media Tips

Introduce your Busines

Let people know who you are - People will be able to put a name to a face and allows them to make it easier to relate to you.

What can you do for them? The relationship must be beneficial. You’re looking for their business, so what can you offer them in return? Let them know that you’re more than capable of meeting their wants and needs and why they should choose you over anyone else.

Give them a way to contact you. Whether it be a phone number, e-mail, address, a YouTube Channel, etc. if you don’t give your audience a method of reaching you, everyone will be sad.

Highlight Your Post

Give your audience an overview of your product and/or service: A breakdown of your product and perhaps showcasing how much effort you put into your passion makes you more credible.

What about your product is different from everyone else? Essentially, why should potential customers choose you? Promote your company’s differences and uniqueness. It’s surprising and amazing at what will stick in people’s minds.

Where can they learn more? Interested people will want to learn more about your products, your services, and your company. Include information like your business website, phone number, street address, etc. Again, everyone will be sad if you fail to include this information.

Create Promotion

Capture their interest! Get ready to build some buzz and hype. The right kind of noise will get the attention your product and/or service deserves.

Give your audience details. What are they getting excited about? Once the interest is there and the attention grabbed, a clear and easy to remember promotion will be super beneficial for both parties.

How can they participate? You’re giving me all this great information but not letting me know how I can get my hands on it. That’s leading people on, and that’s rude. Give them your company name, address, phone number, website, or anything you believe the future customer will need to know how to get your deals.

Educate Your Customers

Knowledge is power. By giving all this information to your audience, they can now decide what to do with it. By building trust, you pretty much have half of a converted customer. When people are more familiar with you, they will be more interested in what you have to say.

Give them a crash course: Your Product/Service 101. By condensing what you have to say and providing valuable information like what kinds of benefit you provide, it will be very much appreciated.

Where can they get more information? Again, by giving contact information you’re giving them the option of letting them come to you.


Regardless of what type of ad you decide to create and promote, contact information is key. While it is very rare that businesses will let this slip, you may get too caught up in the adrenaline or had too many drinks. Even then, you will still remember to include your company information to whoever you talk to.


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