The Grandfather of Social Media Marketing: Email Marketing Tools

Can Email Marketing Really Help?

If you are thinking that email marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs, think again! It’s like your hundred-year-old neighbor across the street who walks five kilometers a day and has a lawn you can eat dinner off of; he still gets the job done, and does a great job. If done right, email marketing tools are a great way to reach your target audience. Look at our list of tools and choose one that works for you.


This tool allows you to connect your company with hundreds of e-commerce integrations. You can create campaigns, have automated email responders with product follow-ups, and send back-in-stock messages. Mailchimp has an easy drag and drop designer to create campaigns that match your company's style. They offer advanced analytics to help track your sales and website activity. Mailchimp's platform is mobile friendly. Pricing is based off of the number of subscribers and emails per month. There are five different packages ranging from free to $35/month (for 2501-2600 subscribers and unlimited emails per month)


Litmus allows you to test your emails with different apps and devices and to test the links, images, subject lines, load time, and more, before you ever press send. This tool provides very detailed data such as where your subscribers open, if they forward or print the email, and how long they spend reading your email. It allows users to build emails from scratch or to choose from many customizable templates. Pricing ranges from $49/month to over $499/month. The packages are based off of different features such as spam filter testing, team and agency features, analytics, the number of emails, and more.

Reach Mail

This tool allows you to create email campaigns quickly and effectively. Reach mail allows you to post email content to Social Media. You can use the message testing feature to see which subject lines and content are most appealing before you select which one to go with. Templates are given when creating emails. No extra software is needed to create surveys for emails, it can be done with this tool. With creating autoresponders, frequency, time, and date can all be manipulated according to your business' desire. Pricing ranges from free to $70/month, which is based off of the number of subscribers and emails sent per month.

Target Hero

This tool offers standard services which include: creating emails, managing contact lists, managing campaigns, and real-time analytics. A unique feature of this tool is the ability to create landing pages and surveys. Pricing ranges from free to $39.90/month.

Mad Mimi

This Tool allows you to create, send, track and share emails. This tools focus is on sending design friendly emails. It provides you with the ability to create beautiful emails and to save these designs. This tool focuses on taking out the “spammy” feeling of emails. Plans range from free to $1,049/month according to the number of contacts and speed. All plans provide unlimited emails and unlimited storage.


Email marketing campaigns that seamlessly integrate with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforece, Shopify, Heyo and many more marketing programs. Choose from many templates and mobile-ready sign-up forms that match your brand. Easily import your current list in less than 10 minutes. Pricing ranges from $19/month to $149/month, depending on the number of subscribers. Test this tool with a free 30-day free trial.


Easy drag and drop templates to create appealing newsletters. Edit images with a built-in photo editing tool that allows you to crop, resize, and edit photos. Organize and track the success of campaigns. Plans range from free to $100/month depending on the number of subscribers. All plans include unlimited emails.


Create an intuitive marketing automation schedule by mapping out a workflow with a drag-and-drop builder. This tool will make sure your newsletters look great on all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop. Choose from over 500 templates to meet your business' needs. Create unique and engaging landing pages to increase conversions, and track those conversions too. Pricing ranges from $15/month to $799/month, depending on the number of subscribers and other features such as landing pages, salesforce integration, and deliverability consulting.

Generally, most email marketing tools are very similar in their features and pricing, however, different tools focus on particular elements such as email design, price, analytics, and etc. Decide what is most important in your email marketing and then do your research into what tool best fits your business’ needs. Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing! If you are not sold on it just yet, try one of the free trials and test it out.

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