What Information is Required for Local SEO?

Here’s the information that you’ll need to start with local SEO.

Location – This is just the name of your location or the area you service – usually the city name

Business Name – This is the full official business name that is to be used to citations, directories and local SEO

Address – The address exactly as it is listed on Google or the official presentation you want

Phone Number – The unique location-specific phone number

Website – The location-specific website URL or link it is also referred to as the location-specific landing page

Contact Email – If available this is for a location-specific email (usually a forwarding email to the main account) if one is not available a general contact email can be used

Hide Address – Do you want to display this address on Google My Business (service area business)?

Note – Any other notes or comments about the location including old addresses used

Other things you’ll need:

  1. You’ll also Need Your Business Description. Since different directories have different maximums we recommend the following:
    1. Short Description – 150 characters max
    2. Medium Description – 300 characters max
    3. Long Description – 500 characters max
  2. Logo – if you’re a client we likely already have this
  3. Images – location specific, building (inside/outside) images and team photos are recommended
  4. Social banner/headers images – if you’re a client we will also create these for you!


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