What are the Benefits of Filters in Google Analytics?

  • Flexible way to modify data within each view
  • Ability to include data
  • Ability to exclude data
  • Ability to change data

Filters transform raw data to provide data that is appropriate to a business’s needs. Most businesses only want to track data from customers and potential customers, therefore, they will likely filter out traffic from employees. This can be done by filtering out information from specific IP addresses, namely those of employees. Capturesss

Setting up Basic Filters in Google Analytics

Now we will walk you through how to insert this filter.

The appropriate view will need to be selected before a filter is applied. Remember to first use test view to see the impact of a particular filter. Select the filters application.


Selecting and adding filters can be very beneficial when analyzing your business data. Filters allow you to exclude particular IPs and replaced complicated page URLS with readable text strings. The order in which the filters are applied matter and will impact the results displaying your data.








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