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Multiple Channel Funnel (MCF)

Multiple Channel Funnel (MCF) in Google Anayltics

The MCF shows how your marketing channels such as your sources of traffic work together to create sales or conversions. It shows you the path the consumer takes to get to the transaction. You will be able to explore which channels and keywords tend to initiate a sales cycle. In your MCF reports, you will see how often channels have assisted or completed sales and conversions. The Top Conversion Paths report shows the conversion paths that your customers took on their way to purchase. Time Lag and Path Length reports show how long (in terms of days and in interactions) it took for users to become customers.

Multiple Channel Funnel Reports

Multi channel funnel reports help value the interaction and contribution of multiple channels in the conversion/purchase. These report can also helpful in determining how many display conversions were assisted by paid search traffic. A prerequisite for using these reports is to ensure that goals or e-commerce prior to setting these up in your account.

Channel Grouping

Channel grouping is when you create a new one you can select accession overview and channel reports, apply it retroactively and see historical data, change how reports display your data without changing the data itself

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