UTM Tracking Code

UTM Tracking Code in Google Analytics

UTM Tracking Code is a code structure that attaches to a custom URL to track a source, medium, or campaign name. These parameters are added to the URL in order to help your business track performance of campaigns in google analytic reports. For example, they allow you can use manual triggers to track people coming in from an email campaign. This can be done by setting the utm_medium parameter to email.

What Are The Components of a UTM Tracking Code?

There are five components: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content.  

  • utm_source: identifies advertiser, site, publication, etc. (google, newsletter, billboard, etc.)
  • utm_medium: the advertising or marketing medium. (cpc, dispaly, banner, email newsletter)
  • utm_campaign: usually the campaign name hard coded into the UTM code or individual campaign name, slogan, promo code, etc.
  • utm_term: usually used to identify paid search keywords or can be used for audiences below the campaign suah as the ad set names (facebook)
  • utm_content: the ads content used to differentiate similar content or links within the same ad - usually the ad id.

The require required parameters are source, medium, and campaign. While, the optional parameters are term and content.

Examples of how ot use UTM tracking codes

For example, you can tracking the link on your Google My Business lising with:


Google Search ads can include:


setup custom paramater for:



Please note if you edit ad level paramaters it will trigger a review.

Display Ads can include:







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