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The Ultimate 20-Point Landing Page Checklist

Our checklist reveals the top 20 landing page optimization must-haves. If you want your landing pages to drive leads and generate sales, you need to make sure they’re designed smartly. Our ultimate landing page checklist will help your service business triple conversions. Find out how to boost conversions now!

Digital Shift Featured on Clutch!

How can Digital Shift help grow your business? This is the first question we ask our clients. The team at Digital Shift takes the time to understand your strategic business needs, and from there, identify the appropriate solution. Our diverse experience in SEO, PPC,...

Add Google Conversion Tracking in 5 Easy Steps

Add Google Conversion Tracking in 5 Easy Steps This blog post will walk you through how to add google conversion tracking code to your website with Google Analytics. Prerequisites for completing the setup include having google analytics set up on your website as well...

Understanding Facebook Ad Placements

Facebook Ad Placements Guide When advertising on Facebook, your ads will appear slightly different depending on where they appear. You can modify your ads, so they appear differently in the mobile news feed, desktop news feed, right-hand column, as well as on...

LinkedIn Ads Targeting Options

Linkedin Ads: Targeting Options Infographic   What to use this infographic on your website? Use the code below: <p><a href=""><img...

How to Create a Business Page on Linkedin

Creating a Business Page on Linkedin Have you ever wondered how to create a business page on LinkedIn? Many businesses are limiting their potential by not having a LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn company pages have a number of different benefits compared to a LinkedIn...

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