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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Service Businesses

What are the Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing? Whether you personally use social media is up to you. However, if you are a service business or franchise, you should be using social media marketing in your digital marketing campaigns. Check out our blog about social media for franchises here. With so many different platforms, […]

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How the Google Guarantee Will Impact Your Home Services Business

Google Guaranteed: What You Need to Know for Your Home Services Business While it is still a new concept, the Google Guarantee is quickly staking its claim as an internet advertising game-changer. In 2018, the popular search engine celebrated its 20th anniversary. Twenty years earlier, the world was a very different place. In 1998, Apple […]

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Top 10 Social Media Tasks You Should Do Daily

With more than 2.2 billion monthly Facebook users, it's no big surprise why every business now utilizes social media to market its brand. Social media marketing aids in SEO goals, improving reputation and brand recognition, and it allows you to connect with your customers. But understanding how it works and doing the marketing are two different […]

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Why Most SEO for Franchises Doesn't Work and How to Do it Right

Some people say trying to manage SEO for franchises is like trying to herd cats. It's a frustrating experience, full of  "No, don't do that!" and "Oh, come on!". The main issue with SEO for franchises is the complexity added with the more locations and personalities you add into the equation. But it can be done successfully... […]

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Top 15 Secrets to Google AdWords Success

Do You Find Yourself Complaining How AdWords is Expensive and Competitive? Even more, you then recall how you have tried Google AdWords in the past, but the results have been disappointing. This kind of thinking will drive your business to stagnation while your contenders continue to enjoy easy profits as they take the market share. Get […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing for Franchises is a Must

If you own a franchise and you have not stepped into digital marketing, it's time you do. Social media marketing for franchises is necessary to make your business thrive. You need the help of social media to take your franchise to the next level and reach the widest possible audience. Let's get into the 10 […]

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Stop! This Essential Google Local Services Ads Info Could Change Your Business

In 2015, Google rolled out their highly anticipated Google Home Services as a beta program. The program was slated to promote home services such as plumbers, HVAC, and much more. In October 2017, Google Home Services was rebranded and rebooted as Google Local Services. Google Local Services ads are available in select cities and they are […]

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The Ultimate 20-Point Landing Page Checklist

Our checklist reveals the top 20 landing page optimization must-haves. If you want your landing pages to drive leads and generate sales, you need to make sure they're designed smartly. Our ultimate landing page checklist will help your service business triple conversions. Find out how to boost conversions now!

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Digital Shift Featured on Clutch!

How can Digital Shift help grow your business? This is the first question we ask our clients. The team at Digital Shift takes the time to understand your strategic business needs, and from there, identify the appropriate solution. Our diverse experience in SEO, PPC, social media management, and other related services has allowed us to […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Funnels

People visit your site. Prospects become leads. Then the smallest hiccup occurs. And you're back to square one. You get frustrated, even infuriated. But we can't get mad at our site visitors. Without a seamless customer experience, it's impossible for a prospect to take the necessary steps to become a customer. Did you know that […]

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Track Phone Calls with Google Analytics Event Tracking in 3 Easy Steps

What is Google Analytics Event Tracking? Google Analytics event tracking tracks anything that a user clicks on your website. This can include clicking phone numbers, email address, download links, sign-ups, form submissions, outbound links or any other calls-to-action. What a Typical Phone Number Link Looks Like Below is an example of basic link code that triggers […]

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Add Google Conversion Tracking in 5 Easy Steps

Add Google Conversion Tracking in 5 Easy Steps This blog post will walk you through how to add google conversion tracking code to your website with Google Analytics. Prerequisites for completing the setup include having google analytics set up on your website as well as having full admin access to your google analytics account. Step […]

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