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How the Google Guarantee Will Impact Your Home Services Business

Google Guaranteed: What You Need to Know for Your Home Services Business While it is still a new concept, the Google Guarantee is quickly staking its claim as an internet advertising game-changer. In 2018, the popular search engine celebrated its 20th anniversary. Twenty years earlier, the world was a very different place. In 1998, Apple […]

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Google LSA Background Checks

More About Google Background Checks Here are the top things you need to know about Google LSA Background Checks: You can get started on this before applying to Local Service Ads (LSA) program Ensure you use the exact business name for the location you are verifying All technicians need a background check and need to […]

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Stop! This Essential Google Local Services Ads Info Could Change Your Business

In 2015, Google rolled out their highly anticipated Google Home Services as a beta program. The program was slated to promote home services such as plumbers, HVAC, and much more. In October 2017, Google Home Services was rebranded and rebooted as Google Local Services. Google Local Services ads are available in select cities and they are […]

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Google Guarantee

What Does Google Guarantee Mean? Google Guarantee means that you have completed Google's background checks as well as the license and insurance verification process. The Google Guarantee program is part of Google Local Services Ads. This program was created because users were gaming Google Local Services Ads while in its early stages. Doe does the Google Guarantee […]

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