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  • 9 steps for the ultimate PPC and Adwords campaign - see all the benefits we offer you to get ahead of your competitors
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Our Toronto PPC Service offers Google Adwords Management

Are you looking for Pay-Per-Click Advertising that's done right in Toronto, Ontario? Become an overnight success with a PPC Advertising strategy that’s designed just for you. Unlike SEO Services that take time to get you leads through free organic traffic, you can get instant leads from people searching for services and products that you offer with a paid strategy!

Your paid search campaign success is dependent on effective PPC management. Whether you have run ads before or are new to PPC, Digital Shift® can work with you. PPC management, when done correctly, can reap valuable rewards. Your paid search campaign success is dependent on effective PPC management by working with someone that understands your business and your customers.

Toronto PPC ServiceWith Google AdWords and other best practices, we will optimize your keywords through research and analysis as part of our Toronto PPC Service. Keyword research and analysis is a critical component of our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service and Google AdWords Management strategy.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that we will evaluate based on local search frequency in Toronto, the global search competitiveness, as well as the "rankability factor" using our Digital Shift Algorithm. We will monitor and evaluate your maximum cost-per-click (CPC), which the maximum willingness to pay-per-click. Learn more about what we have to offer and how it can help your business overcome many of the challenges it's facing today. Continue reading to learn more about how we implement Pay-Per-Click & AdWords Strategies.

Full-Service Toronto PPC Services & AdWords Management

Business PPC Management ServicesWhat does full-service mean? Well... it means that once we complete the hand-off stage you no longer have to deal with the pain of update your keywords, tracking your progress, and optimizing your landing pages. Digital Shift will help you achieve your goals with a complete advertising strategy! This means that we can help drive cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot leads to your website in the smartest way possible. We help look after your brand and present it to the most qualified leads! Toronto PPC Service includes creating and managing your Ads, which means not having to outsource landing page design, optimization, content writing, graphic design, etc. Everything is done in one place, and we do it well. That's how Pay Per Click Management should be!

Detail of What's Included with our Toronto PPC Services & AdWords Management

  • Adwords Management Services in Toronto, OntarioLanding page creation and optimization is standard with our Google PPC management services
  • Creation of text ads including headline creation, description, display URL.
  • Setup of ad extensions to enhance the visibility of your ad by displaying information such as site links, your business number, location, reviews, just to name a few.
  • Target marketing identification and campaign setup to your target market based on placement, audience, topic and keywords
  • Display targeting optimization, which will allow us to target interests, age, gender, and target users that have previously visited your website.
  • We will optimize your ads for mobile devices
  • Configure language options if other than English
  • Location targeting
  • Budget setting and expectations management

How We Can Help Your Business?

Adwords Management PackagesDo you honestly have time for all of this? And what we have explained so far is only scratching the surface! Let us help you by avoiding the costly learning curve and beginner mistakes. Digital Shift helps save you time and money. We work with companies in a synergetic fashion! This means that they can get affordable advertising and management services while being able to focus on running their business smoothly.

Toronto PPC Bidding Strategy Consultation

  • Toronto PPC Managent ServicesWe will explain the bidding strategy that we will be using for each of your campaigns
  • The strategy will be linked to your goals, which may include measuring clicks to your site and driving traffic (Cost-per-click/CPC), counting impressions of your brand and create awareness (Cost-per-thousand impressions/CPM for the display network only), or calculating a conversion of a specific action (Cost-per-acquisition/CPA). Demographics can also be used to maximize conversion to your website.
  • We will also discuss bid adjustments and flexible bid strategies after your campaign is up and running.

Toronto PPC Campaign Consultation & Google AdWords Management

  • Search Network Only Analysis based on the estimated number keyword search results that reflect the number of customers wanting to connect with your product or service instantly.
  • Display Network Only Analysis matching your ad with placements to increase brand awareness expectations based on matching your keywords to match a website's central theme through its content.
  • Search Network with Display Select for shared budget campaigns only, since we will follow best practices and set up a separate search and display campaign.
  • The Search Network with Display Select is typically what most clients come to us with because it is how they initially set up the PPC Campaign.
  • We will evaluate features and more advanced options including remarketing and mobile app ads via the display network during our consultation.
  • We will also evaluate your campaign based on keyword match type including broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, exact match as well as negative keywords

AdWords Management That Will Help You Target Your Ads

Internet Marketing Monthly CostWe will analyze your keywords, your campaigns, and optimize your campaign targeting, your keywords, and device targeting. Our team will not only stop there! Our goal is to truly understand your ideal customers and help get your brand introduced to your ideal customers at the lowest cost per interaction. Once your customer knows who you are we want to teach them what you do and help you can help them. Digital Shift will help your customers evaluate your products/services to their needs. You products/services will emphasize the business problem that you are solving for them. The next step is to help them better understand why your product and service is important to them and why it matters. Our strategy will help your ideal customer convert! We can help you reach this goal through education and building credibility. Contact us to learn more and here's what it means to you:

Why are keyword match types important on the search network?

  • Broad match type will include misspellings, related searches, synonyms, and variations (wider audience)
  • Broad match modified appear mean that the keywords can appear in any order and contain modified terms that allow for close variation, but not synonyms (all display network ads are treated as broad match).
  • Phrase match are a close variation in a phrase
  • Exact match returns an exact term and close variations (more specific target audience)
  • Don't forget to set negative keywords! Many customers who used to manage their own accounts forget to set them up.

Toronto Web DesignWe will Advise You on Display Ad Targeting

  • Since we are not limited to only one of these options and will use a combination of the following targeting methods to create a strategy for you.
  • Review Contextual target including Keyword Targeting and Topic Targeting
  • Review Audience targeting which include affinity audiences for brand awareness, but if you are wanting to reach audiences actively shopping for a product/service customize the affinity audience.
  • Interests will help you target people interested in products/services similar to yours.
  • Remarketing can help you reach people who previously visited your website.
  • While demographic ad targeting will allow you to target based on age, gender, and parental status.
  • We can also target based on specific sites in the display network.

Our consultation will also cover Campaign structure.

  • We will tailor each campaign to your specific business goals based on the campaign type
  • We will create ad groups appropriate to your strategy or structure of your website such as themes, and products/services

Toronto PPC Service Continued What Happens After We Setup Your Campaign

  • Quality Score evaluation and keyword and campaign management
  • Quality Score analysis for each keyword based on; 1) click-through rates, 2) landing page experience and 2) ad copy relevance
  • Ad Rank Monitoring (ad position)

How Quality Score & Ad Rank Benefit Your Toronto PCC Business Strategy

PPC Toronto, OntarioQuality Score is an important component of our Toronto PPC service because a better quality score can improve your Ad Rank and result in 1) higher ad position and/or lower cost-per-click (CPC). Quality score isn't based on auction time factors but instead focuses on expected click-throughs, ad copy relevance, and the landing page.

Ad Rank takes into account action-time factors including keywords, devices, language, locations, and times. The willingness to pay-per-click as well as the quality score (described above) contributes to your quality score. What does our service mean to you? We will aim to win a higher position at a lower pay-per-click bid because out expert team will assess your keywords, ad title, and copy, as well as your ad extension.

AdWords Management News & Resources

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PPC may refer to Pay per click, a method of charging for advertising on the Internet PearPC, a PowerPC platform emulator PPCoin, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC), also called cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher

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If you are interested in working with a transparent and smart PPC Management Company, contact us to see a demo of our marketing platform. Digital Shift will show you how our PPC Management Services differ, especially with our emphasis on Google AdWords Management & Social Advertising optimization to get you new customers. Contact us today to learn more.


PPC Management ServicesWhat Do Our PPC Management Services Include?

Not all PPC Management Services are created equal. Many PPC advertising companies are using old methods. The success of your paid search campaign is dependent on effective PPC management. Whether you have run ads before or are new to PPC, we can work with you. We ensure that you are satisfied and understand the impact our services have on your paid search campaigns. Most of our clients come to us after trying to run a PPC campaign themselves. Most owners and managers are too busy with day-to-day operations. If you are in one of these positions you are required to 'wear many hats.' We can take away the frustrations of the every changing platform and settings because we are PPC Management experts and we have been in the digital marketing game since 2007.

PPC Management Services For New Accounts

  • PPC Account Review
  • PPC Goal Setting
  • Dedicated PPC Account Manager
  • PPC Account Structure
  • Text Ad Creation and Optimization
  • Expert Keyword Research
  • Dynamic Key Phrase Insertion
  • Google Display Network & Remarketing
  • Geo-Targeting Ads
  • PPC Conversion Tracking
  • Landing Page Optimization Suggestions

I Have An Account for You To Manage

  • Review of Historical Data & Spend
  • PPC Account Review
  • PPC Account Restructure
  • PPC Goal Setting
  • Dedicated PPC Account Manager
  • PPC Account Structure
  • Text Ad Creation and Optimization
  • Expert Keyword Research
  • Dynamic Key Phrase Insertion
  • Google Display Network & Remarketing
  • Geo-Targeting Ads
  • PPC Conversion Tracking
  • Landing Page Optimization Suggestions

 Why Choose Experts For Pay Per Click Management Services?

PPC Management ServicesMany people think that they can set their ad campaigns and forget about it, that it manages itself. Does your accounting manage itself just because you have an accounting software? Unfortunately, this is not the case. PPC campaigns require time and consistent, constant attention. If you want to manage your own campaigns, that's great; however, consider the following benefits of having an expert manage them for you.

  1. Tools

    To be able to do PPC management well it requires many resources or tools. Tools to for A/B testing, to see what landing pages have the highest conversion rates. Ad optimization tools, to choose the images, titles and etc. that have the highest click-through rates. Keyword research tools, to find what keywords are best for your campaigns and maximize your cost per ad and conversion rate. These tools and many more allow a campaign to be done the right way; however, all these tools cost money. Many of them will cost upwards of $100/month. We already have and use all these tools. Basically, you get access to all these resources and have an expert use them on your behalf. The best PPC management company is the one that uses the best tools.

  2. Conversions

    Conversions is the game. The best PPC services are those that maximize your conversions. Conversions equal a successful AdWords campaign. If you are not getting the results you desire you may want to think about hiring an expert. Our Google AdWords services will optimize your campaigns to see the best results possible.

  3. Time

    You probably started your own business doing something that you love, or at least are an expert in. If you started your own business because you love digital marketing, you most likely started a digital marketing company and won't need to read this. Focus on what you do well as that's what adds the most value to your business. The truth is, you may not even have the time to dedicate to first, learning how to manage PPC effectively and second, to actually manage it. Time is money! Use your time wisely. We use our time wisely focusing on helping you manage your PPC campaigns.

  4. Measurable Results

    The goal of PPC campaigns is to increase conversions and ultimately your bottom line. Have you calculated the ROI of your self-managed paid search campaigns? If you choose our pay per click management services, you will be able to measure and track your ROI. We don't want to manage your campaigns if you see greater results managing them yourself. Due to the in-depth analytics that are available to help monitor campaigns, it is easy to identify the best way to spend your money.

  5. Effective Landing Pages

    Very effective ads with bad landing pages usually result in paying a lot of money without getting anything in return. Did you know that having a good landing page can result in you paying less money per click? The optimization of a webpage does not just apply to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One important factor of a good landing page is the relevance to the keyword that a particular campaign is tied to. The more relevant the page the less you pay per conversion. It is similar to qualifying leads. We can use A/B testing to compare which landing pages are most effective and result in the highest conversions. Imagine the impact to your business of having a landing page that has a 10% conversion rate versus 5%. We have experts who understand how to maximize your traffic that you are paying for.

  6. Keyword Research

    Keyword research is absolutely crucial to any campaigns success. It is essential to identify what keywords to base your campaigns on. Choosing the wrong keywords will result with you quickly maximizing your budget with little to no results. It is important to consider the benefits of short-tail versus long-tailed keywords. As mentioned above there are many tools to help you with keyword research; however, the best tools come with a price tag which make them unreasonable for most business owners. PPC Management Services

  7. Ads With High Click Through Rates

    The right message needs to be portrayed if you want to have a successful ad. Every word counts. We have the ability to test different content and images to find the ads with the highest click-through rates.

  8. Trained Professionals

    Are you certified in Google AdWords? Are you using the best tools to optimize your campaigns? Are you participating in Google AdWords workshops? Are you optimizing ads on Facebook? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself to see if you have the expertise to manage your own PPC. You can be assured our experts are using the best practices and always on top of the ever-evolving PPC services. Our PPC managers are some of the best!

When To Manage Your Own Pay Per Click Campaigns

In most cases, it is best to hire an expert. You may want to consider running your own campaigns if you are only looking to spend a minimal amount of money. Get to know what PPC management is all about. Click to find out what PPC Management Services is. Try running a few campaigns to get a feel for the process. Learning more about PPC and running a few campaigns on your own will help you determine the best route for your company. You will know whether you need professional services or not. If you are unsure if you should do it yourself, feel free to talk to one of our experts. If what you are looking to do is too small for a professional firm such as ours, we will let you know.


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Our pay per click management services and Google AdWords services will help you focus on what you do best. At Digital Shift we are more than just a PPC company, we are a digital marketing agency and therefore will help you align your pay per click campaigns with your overall marketing strategy. We will focus on what we do best, that is finding you more business and enhancing your brand. Please contact us if you have any questions. Make sure you are maximizing your dollars spent on paid search campaigns!

I didn't know what to expect when I partnered with Digital Shift, but I wanted results and knew that an SEO strategy was a long play. I’m glad I trusted the referral to Digital Shift. Not only did I meet my goal of increasing incoming call volume, but have since exceeded my business’ projected growth. There’s no sense in waiting if you want to grow. You need to do this because, without an active online presence, you're not going to be ranking for anything other than your own name.
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