Bucket Brigades

What Exactly Are Bucket Brigades?

Bucket Brigades SEOSimply put, bucket brigades are words or phrases that add value to your content and attract more people to it.

Wait! We can explain further!

Here, the phrase “Wait! We can explain further!” acts as a Bucket Brigade. The idea behind using “Bucket Brigades” in content marketing is to keep your website visitors engaged and prevent them from abandoning your website. When they click that back button your page gets a bounce back and the goal is to have the bounce rate as low as possible.  Using bucket brigades also adds to the overall readability of your content making while making it more interesting.

Primary Benefits of Bucket Brigades

The main benefits of using bucket brigades include:

  • Keep your website visitors on your pages longer
  • Help reduce bounce rate
  • Improve the user experience

Give bucket brigades a try today! Log into Google Analytics and review the time spent on your most popular blog post and edit your content to include bucket bridges. Over time you will notice an increase in time spent on your page as well as a decreased bounce rate.

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