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Be where your customers are at the right time with Search Engine Marketing. The right offers at presented at the right time will yield significant results! Work with a team that understands how to deliver real results. Whether you have run ads before or are new to Search Engine Marketing, Digital Shift® can work with you to improve your performance and sales. Search Engine Marketing, when done correctly, can reap valuable rewards and long-term profits.

PPC management, when done correctly, can reap valuable rewards. It is very likely that your prospective customers are already in their last buying stage when they click on ads shown on top of search engines. As such, it is important to be ranking for the right and relevant keywords pertaining to your business.

Proper PPC management takes time, effort, and the most effective tools available on the market. As experts in this field, Digital Shift will manage your PPC account that will help bring in more customers.

AdWords and Bing Ads PPC Management Solutions!

PPC ManagementThis will help you AdWords campaign PPC management services help your business achieve effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by managing and developing effective keyword lists, expanding value keywords, and optimizing ads through A/B testing. Campaign management gives your business an edge by constantly analyzing and improving keywords and positions. We will help your business get the right traffic. Whether you are a local, national, or e-commerce business, we can help attract the right customers.

Why Choose Us?

Digital Shift has been in the digital marketing game since 2007. Our experts are Google Adwords certified and are ready to help your business prosper. It can be difficult for a first-timer to find the balance of cost and visibility. This balance helps maximize results from your PPC campaign to bring the best results. As PPC is already a valuable investment on its own, its benefits will shine through when they work together.

Our PPC Management Campaign BenefitsPPC Management Service

Our PPC Management will ensure that you will get a better understanding of your customer. Also known as customer insight, we will help you establish a customer behavior pattern. Your ad will only be charged when it is clicked. Your potential customer will be redirected to your website or an effective landing page that will prompt them to buy. Digital Shift invests in the newest and most effective technology in the market. As such, we have accurate tracking tools that give you measurable results to see how your ad is performing. Your PPC campaign will be flexible. Target locally or target globally. While it is difficult to get great leads, under our management, we can get you qualified targeting. With this type of targeting, your ads will only show if a potential customer is searching for specific keywords. Lastly, and perhaps the most important, your PPC campaign will work on all mobile devices.

What Can You Expect?

Your account manager works with you to optimize your position and provides insights to changes in market trends, reactions from competitors and customer needs, and your overall campaign performance. We cater to your needs.

  • Report Scheduling
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Screenshots
  • Client Dashboard
  • PDF, XLS & CSV Exports
  • Account Manager

In addition to providing you with easy-to-understand reports about your PPC management, we answer any questions you may have and listen to any concerns. At Digital Shift, you can expect the following from your PPC campaign:

Managed PPC Plans

PPC Starter
$300 - 2,999 Ad Spend
1-5 Campaigns Managed
1-2 New Campaigns
$3,000-4,999 Ad Spend
5-10 Campaigns Managed
2-3 New Campaigns
PPC Pro+
$5,000+ Ad Spend
10-20 Campaigns Managed
3-4 New Campaigns

We break out our PPC Management services into advertising campaign spend and a management fee. There is also a 150 setup fee for our Managed PPC Service. The funds are used to collect data and to identify trends before starting the Managed PPC service with us. Contact us to learn more.

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