PPC Management Pricing

Transparent PPC Management Pricing For Businesses!

Easy to understand PPC Management Pricing. Whether you are in Calgary, Alberta or Toronto, Ontario we can help you! Instead of working on a percentage of ad spend we've designed our packages based on the amount of monthly PPC management work you need each month. How much does PPC management pricing cost? Pricing starts at $499 to $899 per month.

PPC Starter
$300 - 2,999 Ad Spend
1-5 Campaigns Managed
1-2 New Campaigns
$3,000-4,999 Ad Spend
5-10 Campaigns Managed
2-3 New Campaigns
PPC Pro+
$5,000+ Ad Spend
10-20 Campaigns Managed
3-4 New Campaigns

Learn More About Our PPC Management Pricing

PPCAs your business grows, you will be needing PPC Management pricing information that's transparent and easy to understand. Digital Shift provides transparent PPC Management Pricing. Your business lead generation efforts are important to us, and our certified team will work with you to target your ideal customer based on the stage of the customer journey they are in. PPC is extremely beneficial for generating extremely relevant traffic. This means that those who click on your ad are likely in their last stages of buying and are making their final decisions. Digital Shift will research what competitive keywords you should be focusing on identifying and understanding your ideal customer. A well-defined customer persona will allow our team of PPC Management experts to build your digital assets to drive relevant leads.

What's Included with All PPC Management Plans?

All Managed PPC plans include the following:

  • PPC Reporting
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Advisor
  • Management Fee

Does Digital Shift Include Google AdWords?

Yes. Our services include Google Search network advertising, and Google display advertising, in-market audiences, remarketing for search ads (RLAS), remarketing for search and display, and more. Our Google Adwords campaign will be integrated nicely into your marketing mix.


Yes. Digital Shift will help you pinpoint your ideal customers online. We will utilize Facebook advertising to drive cold traffic to your website. Our team will segment your audience by age, sex, interests, education, and life moments. Contact us to learn more.

Other Social Channels?

Yes. Digital Shift will review your ideal customer worksheets to build customer personas and determine what channels your audiences are using. Digital Shift's trained and professional staff will also provide your business with the business intelligence to optimize your advertising campaigns. Find out why Digital Shift is different and contact us for a complimentary analysis.

Does Digital Shift Include PPC Management for Bing Ads?

Yes. Digital Shift can implement a portion of your budget to Bing Ads. Our certified professional team can help you determine what portion of your ideal customer is using other search engines and channels. Choose Digital Shift as your PPC management company and a trusted professional advisor.

Why Choose Digital Shift?PPC Management Service

Digital Shift specializes in pay per click management services by using business intelligence and by helping your marketing make data-driven decisions. Our PPC packages are tailored to fit the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Your business will experience fixed pay per click pricing management services. Our management fee is built right into the daily investment. There are no hidden set-up fees, and you can change or cancel your plan at any given time. See why Digital Shift is a recommended digital marketing agency for not only PPC but SEO as well.

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