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SEO vs. PPC vs. Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

SEO vs. PPC vs. Social Media:  Which is Better? If you're a business owner, then you know how important marketing is. You've probably heard of SEO and PPC, and are likely already using a social media account to try to bolster your business. But all too often, we hear from entrepreneurs who are not getting […]

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Automotive Digital Marketing: What Every Car Dealership Should Know

The digital marketing industry will grow to $77.056 billion by 2023. This is to say that all sectors and businesses should take advantage of digital marketing. Specifically, automotive digital marketing should be an area of interest for car dealerships. Today’s customers are widely different from those that were there a few years back. The processes and […]

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Featured Snippets in Search Results Strategy

Can Featured Snippets in Search Results be Part of Your SEO Strategy? It sure can! If your content follows best practices and already is ranking it certainly can! Here's how we ranked for "landing page checklist" and other terms: Find popular topics desired by real users be seeing what's shared on social Research the topic […]

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How to Turn Off Automatic Application of Ad Suggestions in Google Ads

You Can Opt-Out of Auto Applying Google Ad Suggestions, and Maybe You Should! We've seen auto-suggestions create some terrible ads that lead to an increase in cost (more money for Google) and a drop in performance (less conversion for you). To stop this nonsense and take full control of your Google Ads Management, continue reading. […]

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Landing Page Design Services

Put your best foot forward and make your first impression to your prospective customers a significant, long-lasting, memorable and enjoyable experience! Professionally optimized landing pages are proven to increase engagement because they deliver very tailored messaging and are served to targeted audiences.

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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Best Practices

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Ultimately tracking up to the final sale or transaction is what our clients are most interested in, but in order to get there, we need to start by tracking Google AdWords conversions to get there. Oftentimes, there are multiple conversions that take place on every customer journey, but they all start as […]

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SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group)

What Does SKAG stand for? SKAG is an acronym for Single Keyword Ad Group. This term is used by Google AdWord professional to reference a Google AdWords account structure strategy. This strategy entails using a single Keyword for each Ad Group and as a result elevates your click-through-rates, quality scores, and most importantly conversion. Let’s take an example. If […]

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Top 15 Secrets to Google AdWords Success

Do You Find Yourself Complaining How AdWords is Expensive and Competitive? Even more, you then recall how you have tried Google AdWords in the past, but the results have been disappointing. This kind of thinking will drive your business to stagnation while your contenders continue to enjoy easy profits as they take the market share. Get […]

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Cost Per Acquisition

What is Cost Per Acquisition? Cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as “cost per action” is the average cost an online marketing advertisement incurs when a specific action has been made. These actions include clicks, sales, downloads, and form submissions. This digital marketing metric is the ratio between the total cost of the campaign divided […]

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Earnings Per Click

What is Earnings Per Click? Earnings Per Click, or EPC, is a metric used to indicate the average earnings generated as a result of 100 clicks from your ad. EPC is a metric to measure the effectiveness of being able to turn a click into sales. The formula to calculate EPC is: Sales earnings / Number of […]

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Are You Using Site Category Options in Adwords?

What are Site Category Options in Google Adwords? Site Category Options are often overlooked and are all enabled by default. These options can be tricky to find and are hidden deep within the display network section. Advertising on websites with all categories often wastes your Google AdWords budget and the association with categories not appropriate for your brand […]

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Frequency Capping

What is Frequency Capping in Adwords? Frequency capping is putting a limit on the number of times an ad is shown to an individual. This means that users can be shown Ads from this campaign dozens of times per day. Without frequency cap, campaigns can leave users feeling annoyed or irritated. This ultimately has a negative […]

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