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The digital marketing industry will grow to $77.056 billion by 2023. This is to say that all sectors and businesses should take advantage of digital marketing. Specifically, automotive digital marketing should be an area of interest for car dealerships. Today’s customers are widely different from those that were there a few years back. The processes and techniques of marketing are changing. As a car dealer, how can you make use of automotive digi…

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Featured Snippets in Search Position Zero SEO

Can Featured Snippets in Search Results be Part of Your SEO Strategy? It sure can! If your content follows best practices and already is ranking it certainly can! Here’s how we ranked for “landing page checklist” and other terms: Find popular topics desired by real users be seeing what’s shared on social Research the topic and create a newer and even better piece of content about the topic Link outreach to get backlinks When a user asks a questio…

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turn off auto suggestions in google ads

You Can Opt Out of Auto Applying Google Ad Suggestions and Maybe You Should! We’ve seen auto suggestions create some terrible ads that lead to an increase in cost (more money for Google) and a drop in performance (less conversion for you). To stop this nonsense and take full control of your Google Ads Management continue reading. Why does  Google Ads accounts bow automatically apply ad suggestions by default? Perhaps to make more money, perhaps t…

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Put your best foot forward and make your first impression to your prospective customers a significant, long-lasting, memorable and enjoyable experience! Professionally optimized landing pages are proven to increase engagement because they deliver very tailored messaging and are served to targeted audiences.

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PPC Management Services

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Ultimately tracking up to the final sale or transaction is what our clients are most interested in, but in order to get there, we need to start by tracking Google AdWords conversions to get there. Oftentimes, there are multiple conversions that take place on every customer journey, but they all start as a lead before they become a new won opportunity. This Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Best Practices resour…

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What Does SKAG stand for? SKAG is an acronym for Single Keyword Ad Group. This term is used by Google AdWord professional to reference a Google AdWords account structure strategy. This strategy entails using a single Keyword for each Ad Group and as a result elevates your click-through-rates, quality scores, and most importantly conversion. Let’s take an example. If you sell Plumbing Services in Toronto, here’s what the keywords inside one of you…

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