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Converted Clicks and Adwords Conversion Tracking

What are Converted Clicks? When using Google Ads, there are two main ways to measure conversion: converted clicks and conversions. Conversions are the total number of conversion actions or total sales plus unique leads. Converted clicks are the number of clicks that lead to one or more conversions. This metric is useful when you are interested in […]

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Google Display Network

What is the Google Display Network (GDN)? The Google Display Network is one of Google's main advertising networks (Google Search Network is the other). The Network allows you to connect with customers browsing Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail blogger, YouTube, as well as other partner sites, mobile websites, and applications. The Google Display Network […]

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Customer Personas

What is a Customer Persona? A customer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer from your target market based on data from your existing clientele and new market research. When creating your persona, you must consider demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations, and goals of your ideal target customer. Customer Personas are similar to the police wanted […]

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Cost-per-Lead (CPL)

What is a Cost Per Lead (CPL)? Cost Per Lead is an online advertising pricing model where advertisers pay for an explicit action from their target customer. This action could be anything from signing up, to providing an email address. The Cost Per Lead formula is as follows Cost per Lead = Cost of Generating […]

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What You Need To Know About Google Extended Text Ads

Are You Prepared For Google Extended Text Ads? July 26 has become somewhat of a revolutionary date for advertisers everywhere as Google Adwords have expanded their text ads. Google Extended Text Ads are the biggest change to Google AdWords since its launch in 2004. Compared to the previous version, advertisers have gotten more freedom to […]

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Banner Ad

What is a Banner Ad? A banner ad is a particular form of advertising on the Internet. It is usually a medium-sized display ad with some text written in the advertisement. These advertisements are embedded in a web page, and their main intention is to direct traffic to the advertiser's web page once a visitor clicks […]

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What Does CPM Mean? Digital Marketing Terms Explained What is CPM (Cost-per-Thousand)? CPM measures the cost of an advertisement per 1,000 online advertising impressions. An impression is when the ad is displayed on a web page. The CPM model is usually used as a metric in advertising bidding systems for internet marketing. These systems use […]

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