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Did You Enable Google AdWords Remarketing in Google Analytics?

Don't Forget to Setup Google Remarketing in Google Analytics Don't miss this often forgotten step! When we start working with a new client we see this all the time and fix it. Double check your accounts to ensure you setup Google AdWords Remarketing in Google Analytics. Here are the two steps you must follow after linking […]

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What is Local PPC?

What is Local PPC? Local PPC, or Local Pay-Per-Click, is a local paid advertising strategy designed to target prospective customers within a specific area. The strategy primarily consists of using local keywords, Google Map ads, and geo-targeting to better target potential customers.  The objective of Local PPC is target people within your service areas or […]

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The Ultimate 20-Point Landing Page Checklist

Our checklist reveals the top 20 landing page optimization must-haves. If you want your landing pages to drive leads and generate sales, you need to make sure they're designed smartly. Our ultimate landing page checklist will help your service business triple conversions. Find out how to boost conversions now!

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Smart Display Campaigns

What Are Smart Display Campaigns? Smart Display Campaigns are a Google Display Network automation campaign ad type that consists of creative assets, titles, and descriptions. It utilizes machine learning to help optimize all the variables to help better serve your ads. Smart Display Campaigns require the following: Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Campaign Budget Landing Page Raw Creative […]

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Dynamic Keyword Insertion

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google AdWords? Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) allows you to use the keyword your prospect is searching for in your Google Ad Text to be automatically including the headline, body, or URL. In short, DKI allows you to better customize your ad to a searcher's search query. Benefits of using Dynamic […]

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Google Ad Sizes

What You Need to Know About Google Ad Sizes for the Display Network! Working with Google Ad Sizes in Photoshop or Illustrator it is highly recommended to work with artboards. Artboards are supported in the latest version of Photoshop and are found in earlier versions of Illustrator such as the popular CS6 version. It is best […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Funnels

People visit your site. Prospects become leads. Then the smallest hiccup occurs. And you're back to square one. You get frustrated, even infuriated. But we can't get mad at our site visitors. Without a seamless customer experience, it's impossible for a prospect to take the necessary steps to become a customer. Did you know that […]

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Customer Match

What is Customer Match? Customer Match a type of remarketing that will match your list of emails to Google users.  Customer Match is a useful advertising tool and can help you reach your business goals. For example, if you were at a tradeshow collecting email you could upload a CSV file to Google AdWords and create a […]

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Negative Audiences

What are Negative Audiences? Negative Audiences are groups of people that you want to exclude from advertising to on the Google Display Network. Commonly excluded audiences, or negative audiences, include converted visitors or visitors that bought a product on your e-commerce store. Negative audiences can be added to your display network campaign through campaign exclusions. […]

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Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet? Simply put, a lead magnet is an offer that a prospective customer values enough to exchange his/her contact information for. This transaction usually takes place in the form of providing an email address in exchange for a digital asset, such as a valuable PDF. Lead magnets are commonly targeted at cold audiences […]

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ValueTrack Parameters

What are ValueTrack Parameters? ValueTrack parameters are a type of URL parameter you can add to your ads’ landing page URLs. ValueTrack parameters help collect additional information about the source of your ad clicks. ValueTrack parameters are a standard part of the "parameter report." This allows you to better associate parameters with Google AdWords conversions.   ValueTrack Parameters […]

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What is ROAS?

What is ROAS? AdWords & Calculating Return On Ad Spend Return On Advertising Spend, or  ROAS, helps marketers evaluate which marketing methods are working and helps decide on future advertising strategies.  ROAS is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital marketing campaign. ROAS is influenced by overhead costs, operating expenses, profit margins, and the […]

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