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What is Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing Explained! Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a call to action and outcome via an online interaction for immediate customer feedback and response. Successful direct response marketing campaigns require clear goal statements that achieve anticipated sales. The main benefit of direct response marketing is that it allows digital marketers to better understand […]

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Search Impression Share

What is Search Impression Share? Search Impression Share is this metric found by dividing the number of impressions received on the Search Network divided by the total estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. Search Impression Share is a great indicator of the strength of your keyword set in Google AdWords. Having a […]

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Display Impression Share

What is Display Impression Share? Display Impression Share is calculated by dividing the number of impressions received on the Display Network divided by the total estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. The higher the impression share the better. Display Impression Share can show you how effective our targeting is on the Google Display […]

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Landing Page Options

Subdomain vs Subdirectory vs Microsite Landing Page Options When working with a PPC management company, you have several landing page setup options:  to create a separate microsite/landing page such as a subdomain (;  to have the landing page part of your website as a subdirectory/page such as, or; to set up a microsite on an entirely separate domain (least […]

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Destination URL Auto-tagging

What is Destination URL Auto-Tagging? Destination URL Auto-agging is a feature that allows you to automatically create custom URLs to help track offline conversions and report on your ad performance using website tracking programs like Google Analytics. In order for Google Analytics to display information about your AdWords keywords and costs, you must either enable […]

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Topic Targeting

What is Topic Targeting? Topic Targeting allows you to place AdWords Advertisements on website pages relating to those topics. There is no limit to the topics, they could be anything from agriculture to computer programming, to sports, or something completely different. Topic targeting ads are only eligible to appear in the Display Network with related content. […]

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Negative Keywords

What are Negative Keywords? Negative Keywords are keywords that prevent your ads from being displayed when certain words or phrases are searched. It helps you communicate with search engines, telling them to eliminate specific search queries to avoid confusion and misrepresentation. For example, your business provides digital marketing services. You would include negative keywords such […]

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Smart Lists for Remarketing in Google Analytics

What are Smart Lists? Smart Lists are a simple form of remarketing used by Google to reach those customers who have visited your website but did not convert. More specifically, Smart Lists are generated using advanced algorithms based on data collected in Google Analytics. These Google Analytics remarketing lists account for different variables including but […]

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Managed Placement Targeting

What is Managed Placement Targeting? Managed Placement Targeting,  otherwise known as Placement Targeting, is a targeting method used in Google AdWords where you can specifically select particular websites, videos, and apps, apart of the Google Display Network where you want your advertisement to appear. Unlike automatic placements, where your ads are placed on different sites […]

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Behavioural Targeting

What Is Behavioural Targeting? Behavioural targeting is a technique used by online marketers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Behavioural targeting uses information collected from the target customers web browser behavior to customize the types of advertisements they receive. Behavioural targeting can be divided into onsite behavioural targeting or network behavioural targeting […]

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Keyword Targeting

What Is Keyword Targeting? Keyword Targeting is the process of selecting certain words or phrases relevant to the product or service on your website and ad copy. Finding the best keywords can help you achieve top ranking in search engine results pages and help your business get in front of your desired audience when it […]

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Google Search Network

What is the Google Search Network? The Google Search Network is one of Google's main advertising networks. Companies often utilize the Google Search Network for AdWords campaigns showing different advertisements across the network. The Network consists of search-related websites and applications where your specific advertisement can appear. Examples include Google Partners such as Google Search, […]

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