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Ever wonder what cities your website visitors are coming from? Michael, one of our clients, asked us how he can analyze landing page visits to see what cities visitors were coming from. This can be done quickly and easily using a Secondary Dimension filter in Google Analytics. Here’s how to analyze your landing page by city using a Google Analytics secondary dimension in two steps. Step 1: Go to Google Analytics Google Analytics -> Behaviour -…

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custom dimensions

What is Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics? Custom dimensions allow you to create an additional dept of customized tracking that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track for you. Think of it as adding a custom “dimension” where you can create a space to collect and analyze your custom data within Google Analytics. For example, you can create a custom dimension that uses a javascript variable to collect and track your e-commerce shopping ca…

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What is the Google Analytics Academy? The Google Analytics Academy allows you to learn analytics with free online courses provided by Google. To access free training on google analytics and google tag manager visit: Google Analytics Academy Courses The Google Analytics Academy courses include: Google Analytics for Beginners Advanced Google Analytics Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions Google…

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What is Google Analytics Event Tracking? Google Analytics event tracking tracks anything that a user clicks on your website. This can include clicking phone numbers, email address, download links, sign-ups, form submissions, outbound links or any other calls-to-action. What a Typical Phone Number Link Looks Like Below is an example of basic link code that triggers a phone call when the “CALL (855) 482-4242” is clicked on from a mobile device….

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Add Google Conversion Tracking in 5 Easy Steps This blog post will walk you through how to add google conversion tracking code to your website with Google Analytics. Prerequisites for completing the setup include having google analytics set up on your website as well as having full admin access to your google analytics account. Step 1: Access Analytics Access your google analytics account. Select your website property and view, then click on the…

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smart lists

What are Smart Lists? Smart Lists are a simple form of remarketing used by Google to reach those customers who have visited your website but did not convert. More specifically, Smart Lists are generated using advanced algorithms based on data collected in Google Analytics. These Google Analytics remarketing lists account for different variables including but not limited to visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer, and browser, to he…

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