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Add Your Business to Apple Maps

Add Your Business to Apple Maps! Follow our step-by-step guide to add your business to Apple Maps. Apple Maps is a web mapping service similar to  Google Maps and is available on all Apple products. The maps application allows users to travel to a selected address with turn-by-turn navigation. In order to ensure Apple product […]

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Search Engine Optimization Tips

The Best Search Engine Optimization Tips! If you are trying to start, maintain, or improve your SEO ranking - good for you! We know it is not easy, so we commend you on your efforts! Keep up the hard work, because it will pay off soon! SEO is the easiest, and most effective way to […]

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Content Marketing Process

What Are The Steps To A Great Content Marketing Process? While content marketing is not restricted to written words, this article will be an insightful analysis into what goes on in the mind of a content marketer that does written content. The process is very flexible as you do not necessarily have to follow rules […]

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Solution to "Your Homepage Cannot Be Indexed by Search Engines" Error

"Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines?" Do not panic if you see an error after updating your SEO plugin. Upgrade Yoast SEO and fix the "Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines" errors message easily. Just follow these simple steps to complete the upgrade of Yoast SEO. This article assumes you haven't upgraded […]

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Importance of Mobile Design

Update: Google has split the index for mobile and desktop. This means that not having a mobile responsive site will harm your mobile rankings. How Important is Website Mobile Responsible Design? Did you know that mobile browsing actually exceeds desktop browsing? Since 2014, there are more mobile search engine searches compared to desktop computers. This means that […]

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How To Create A Facebook Business Page

Create a Business Facebook Page Facebook is the world's largest social media service with over 1.25 Billion active users. Consumers are using Facebook not only for social interaction but also for finding businesses, products, and brands. Facebook's "like" and "share" features are also extremely helpful in increasing awareness of your business. A business Facebook page will […]

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What to do Before Updating WordPress

Is there a new WordPress update? Are you wondering if you should update it? Of course, you should! It is very important to keep WordPress up-to-date to for security and efficiency purposes, but before you do, here's what should be done before updating WordPress. What to do Before Updating WordPress: Create A Backup of Site Although […]

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Google Business Email is Enterprise Grade

Not Using Google Business Email for Your Business? Benefits of Using Google for Your Business: Book professional appointments with your own domain name Sync your contacts, calendar, and email across all of your devices Your email will be faster and safer on Google's servers using industry-leading security You'll receive less junk mail and spam with […]

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How to Increase Website Traffic After Publishing a Blog

Is there anything you should do After Publishing Blog? You have finished writing an awesome article, and you have posted it on your blog feed! That is awesome! But there are things that you can do to give your article more attention and more views on the internet. The goal of creating your blog in the first […]

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SEO Optimized Blog Posts are Easy to Write!

SEO Optimized Blog Posts Don't Need to Be a Nightmare Blogging can be a great marketing tool for your business. Blogs allow you to educate and inform potential customers, along with establishing authority and expertise within your industry. SEO Optimized Blogs will help you generate traffic to your website! A major advantage of blogging is that these […]

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Responsive Web Design Video

Why You Need Responsive Web Design! By the end of 2014, the majority of internet usage will come from mobile devices, surpassing the traditional desktop computers. This means that it is extremely important to have a responsive website more than ever! A mobile ready website will provide an exceptional user experience on all devices. Usability is […]

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What You Need to Know about Mult-Domain SSL Setup

Thinking of Switching to a Multi-Domain SSL? Do you have an SSL on your sub domain and want one for your main domain, or vice versa? Understand the requirements and constraints of multi-domain SSLs. You need to read this. Unless you planned in advance, chances are that when you purchased your SSL you bought only what […]

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