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Posting to Multiple Facebook Locations

Are You posting to multiple Facebook Locations? If you have locations configured and have multiple locations (previously called children accounts) under your main account (parent account) you can automatically cross-post content to all of your locations at once. You have the following options to show posts from your main account on your location pages: Always […]

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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Best Practices

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Ultimately tracking up to the final sale or transaction is what our clients are most interested in, but in order to get there, we need to start by tracking Google AdWords conversions to get there. Oftentimes, there are multiple conversions that take place on every customer journey, but they all start as […]

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Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google

Looking for Guidelines on How to Represent Your Business on Google? Service-area businesses—are defined as businesses that serve customers at their locations—should have one page for the central office OR location and designate a service area from that point. Service-area businesses can't list a "virtual" office unless that office is staffed during business hours. According to GMB support, one […]

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Are You Using Site Category Options in Adwords?

What are Site Category Options in Google Adwords? Site Category Options are often overlooked and are all enabled by default. These options can be tricky to find and are hidden deep within the display network section. Advertising on websites with all categories often wastes your Google AdWords budget and the association with categories not appropriate for your brand […]

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Are You Using These Website Spell Checker Tools?

Website Spell Checker Tools Having spelling and grammar mistakes on your website can impact your reputation. To prevent errors that can cause your audience to lose trust with your brand, be sure to check out a list of tools and resources that can quickly and easily check your website. Here is a list of Website […]

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Analyzing Your Landing Page by City Source using Google Analytics

Ever wonder what cities your website visitors are coming from? Michael, one of our clients, asked us how he can analyze landing page visits to see what cities visitors were coming from. This can be done quickly and easily using a Secondary Dimension filter in Google Analytics. Here's how to analyze your landing page by city […]

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Did You Enable Google AdWords Remarketing in Google Analytics?

Don't Forget to Setup Google Remarketing in Google Analytics Don't miss this often forgotten step! When we start working with a new client we see this all the time and fix it. Double check your accounts to ensure you setup Google AdWords Remarketing in Google Analytics. Here are the two steps you must follow after linking […]

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Google LSA Background Checks

More About Google Background Checks Here are the top things you need to know about Google LSA Background Checks: You can get started on this before applying to Local Service Ads (LSA) program Ensure you use the exact business name for the location you are verifying All technicians need a background check and need to […]

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Graphic Design Resources

Graphic Design Resources Graphics Design Resources and tools to help you work more effectively and frustration free! Ads Google Web Designer - useful to help you create Google AdWord Display ads as well as HTML5 animated ads Adobe Illustrator - Great for creating illustrations and can be a good tool for creating Google Display Ads […]

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Google Analytics Academy

What is the Google Analytics Academy? The Google Analytics Academy allows you to learn analytics with free online courses provided by Google. To access free training on google analytics and google tag manager visit: Google Analytics Academy Courses The Google Analytics Academy courses include: Google Analytics for Beginners Advanced Google Analytics Ecommerce Analytics: From Data […]

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Facebook Ad Sizes

What is the Most Popular Facebook Ad Size? The most popular facebook ad size is 1200 x 628 pixels. The image cannot contain more than 20% text. One exception is if the image (or photograph) contains a product or object that has text on it naturally. The 1200 x 628 recommended facebook ad size will […]

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Google Ad Sizes

What You Need to Know About Google Ad Sizes for the Display Network! Working with Google Ad Sizes in Photoshop or Illustrator it is highly recommended to work with artboards. Artboards are supported in the latest version of Photoshop and are found in earlier versions of Illustrator such as the popular CS6 version. It is best […]

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