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What is a Vlog? A Vlog is a video blog or a blog that is done entirely on video. The vlogger expresses their beliefs and ideas through video content. Vlogs can be used for educational and informational reasons, but can also be used for entertainment. Individuals who vlog find the media medium to be more interactive with their viewers than written blogs. These individuals enjoy the storytelling aspect through spoken word. All you need to create a…

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split testing

What Is Split Testing? Split testing is conducting experiments to improve a site’s metric and are also known as A/B testing or multivariate testing. Metrics are anything to do with improving a visitor’s engagement to your website such as purchases, clicks, or form completions. Split testing is the equivalent to performing a controlled experiment: let’s say you wanted to compare different variations of your website to see which will generate more…

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click through rate

What Is Click Through Rate (CTR)? Click Through Rate is a metric that measures how many people click on your ads. CTR is a valuable tool that can gauge how well your ads and keywords are performing. (Total Clicks on Ad) / (Total Impressions = Click Through Rate A high click-through rate is important to your pay per click success as it affects not only your Quality Score but also how much you pay every time someone clicks on your search ad. A high…

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dynamic search ads

What Are Dynamic Search Ads? Traditional text ads are based on direct keywords. Dynamic Search Ads is a type of ad that’s created by the contents of your website. That means the system will automatically create an ad for your website even though there are no directly related keywords on your website. Why use Dynamic Search Ads? DSA fills in the gaps in the keywords campaign, and you can get the better return on investment. DSA targets ads to many…

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return on investment

What is Return on Investment (ROI)? Return on investment (ROI)= (Investment Revenue – Investment Cost)/ Investment Cost Return on investment calculates the return on a particular venture or action and is recorded as a percentage. ROI can be used to calculate how effective a particular marketing campaign is (such as PPC, remarketing, social media). Example Company XYZ invested $2000 into a remarketing campaign. As a result of this campaign Company…

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