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topic targeting

What is Topic Targeting? Topic Targeting allows you to place AdWords Advertisements on website pages relating to those topics. There is no limit to the topics, they could be anything from agriculture to computer programming, to sports, or something completely different. Topic targeting ads are only eligible to appear in the Display Network with related content. Since web pages are constantly revising and changing their content, the locations whic…

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negative keywords

What are Negative Keywords? Negative Keywords are keywords that prevent your ads from being displayed when certain words or phrases are searched. It helps you communicate with search engines, telling them to eliminate specific search queries to avoid confusion and misrepresentation. For example, your business provides digital marketing services. You would include negative keywords such as jobs, careers, or training. The important aspect of using…

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smart lists

What are Smart Lists? Smart Lists are a simple form of remarketing used by Google to reach those customers who have visited your website but did not convert. More specifically, Smart Lists are generated using advanced algorithms based on data collected in Google Analytics. These Google Analytics remarketing lists account for different variables including but not limited to visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer, and browser, to he…

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managed placement targeting

What is Managed Placement Targeting? Managed Placement Targeting,  otherwise known as Placement Targeting, is a targeting method used in Google AdWords where you can specifically select particular websites, videos, and apps, apart of the Google Display Network where you want your advertisement to appear. Unlike automatic placements, where your ads are placed on different sites automatically for you, managed placements require you to select the we…

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behavioural targeting

What Is Behavioural Targeting? Behavioural targeting is a technique used by online marketers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Behavioural targeting uses information collected from the target customers web browser behavior to customize the types of advertisements they receive. Behavioural targeting can be divided into onsite behavioural targeting or network behavioural targeting depending on the type of tracking im…

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