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keyword targeting

What Is Keyword Targeting? Keyword Targeting is the process of selecting certain words or phrases relevant to the product or service on your website and ad copy. Finding the best keywords can help you achieve top ranking in search engine results pages and help your business get in front of your desired audience when it is most relevant to their needs. Therefore, thorough research is crucial to determine which keywords your business should impleme…

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post engagements

What Are Post Engagements? Post Engagements are the number of times people have engaged with anything posted on your Facebook Page. Engagements can be anything from likes, to comments, to shares. Engagements are very important for any business using Facebook. They show how many people are connecting with your brand and how they are actually digesting your content. Most businesses strive for a high number of likes, when in fact, they should be str…

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facebook reach

What is Reach on Facebook? Reach is the number of people your posts have reached, plus any likes, comments, or shares. There are three types of reach on Facebook; Organic, Paid, and Total Reach. Organic is the total number of unique people who were shown your post via unpaid distribution. Paid Reach is just as it sounds; the total number of unique people who were shown your post as a result of ads. Finally, Total Reach is the number of unique peo…

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page likes

What Are Page Likes? Page Likes are the number of times someone “likes” your content on Facebook. Liking something on Facebook is an easy way to let your followers know you enjoy some content without actually leaving a comment or sharing the post on your timeline. You can like any form of content from images to posts, to video, to audio, etc. Chances are if you can post it on Facebook someone has the option to “like” it. Likes From A Business Per…

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page views

What are Facebook Page Views? Facebook Page Views help you identify how many people are visiting your page, and what sections specifically they are looking at. When managing your Facebook business page, you can find information about page views under the insights section. The page views sections shows data regarding individuals who visit your Facebook page. This information can tell you what people are actually using your page for. They might be…

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