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facebook audience network

What is the Facebook Audience Network or F.A.N? The Facebook Audience Network is a new way for advertisers to extend their brand campaigns off facebook, into other mobile applications, mobile websites, instant articles, and videos using the same targeting data. Identical targeting, measurement, and delivery steps are taken to ensure each ad on the Audience Network helps you accomplish your campaign goals. Audience Network placements are useful wh…

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google search network

What is the Google Search Network? The Google Search Network is one of Google’s main advertising networks. Companies often utilize the Google Search Network for AdWords campaigns showing different advertisements across the network. The Network consists of search-related websites and applications where your specific advertisement can appear. Examples include Google Partners such as Google Search, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and other partner web…

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converted clicks

What are Converted Clicks? When using Google Ads, there are two main ways to measure conversion: converted clicks and conversions. Conversions are the total number of conversion actions or total sales plus unique leads. Converted clicks are the number of clicks that lead to one or more conversions. This metric is useful when you are interested in seeing clicks that generate one or more leads (regardless of the conversion action). For Example, Bob…

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customer lifetime value

What is CLV? CLV or Customer Lifetime Value is a calculation that is used for business growth and intelligence that informs you of the value of each customer. This value is a critical indicator used to indicate the value of your company. The calculation assists in determining the net profit expected from each customer’s lifetime purchase value. CLV is also known as LTV (Lifetime Value), LCV (Lifetime Customer Value), or CLTV (Customer Lifetime Va…

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google display network

What is the Google Display Network (GDN)? The Google Display Network is one of Google’s main advertising networks (Google Search Network is the other). The Network allows you to connect with customers browsing Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail blogger, YouTube, as well as other partner sites, mobile websites, and applications. The Google Display Network site list spans over two million websites and reaches over 90% of the internet popula…

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