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Earnings Per Click

What is Earnings Per Click? Earnings Per Click, or EPC, is a metric used to indicate the average earnings generated as a result of 100 clicks from your ad. EPC is a metric to measure the effectiveness of being able to turn a click into sales. The formula to calculate EPC is: Sales earnings / Number of clicks from ad x 100  

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frequency capping

What is Frequency Capping in Adwords? Frequency capping is putting a limit on the number of times an ad is shown to an individual. This means that users can be shown Ads from this campaign dozens of times per day. Without frequency cap, campaigns can leave users feeling annoyed or irritated. This ultimately has a negative impact on your campings because over-exposure can cause “banner blindness” – where users subconsciously ignore ads they see to…

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linkedin insight tag

What is the Linkedin Insight Tag? The LinkedIn Insight Tag, or Linkedin Pixel, is JavaScript code that enables in-depth campaign reporting and unlocks valuable insights about your visitors. You can use the LinkedIn Insight Tag to track the following: conversions tracking unlock additional insights about interacting retarget website visitor Your Linkedin Insight Tag can be found in your campaign manager under account assets. To learn about adding…

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organic reach measurement

What is the New Organic Reach Measurement on Facebook? The Organic Reach Measurement is the number of people who had any posts from your Page enter their screen from organic reach only. The new measurement is reported similarly to paid posts is that it is easier to distinguish between organic and paid reach. To get even more information about information about Organic Reach Measurement click here. To learn about Facebook Reach and five ways to in…

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local ppc

What is Local PPC? Local PPC, or Local Pay-Per-Click, is a local paid advertising strategy designed to target prospective customers within a specific area. The strategy primarily consists of using local keywords, Google Map ads, and geo-targeting to better target potential customers.  The objective of Local PPC is target people within your service areas or drive people physically to your place of business. Who Can Benefit from Local PPC? Service-…

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