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squint test

What is “The Squint Test”? The Squint Test is a quick test to check the effectiveness of a web page or landing page. It is used by design experts to determine if the primary elements of the page have focus. An optimally designed page will have a few key elements that naturally draw your attention. The purpose of the squint test is to test this effectiveness. The test is done by squinting your eyes and letting them freely navigate the page. The se…

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What is WYSIWYG? WYSIWYG is a short form of what you see is what you get. In the digital sense, it applies to applications that enable you to see exactly what appears on a printed document to appear on the display screen. The opposite of these applications is word processors that cannot display graphics and fonts that are different on the display screen. Desktop publishing is very fond of WYSIWYG applications. WYSIWYG’s history began with referri…

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software as a service

What is SaaS? SaaS or Software as a Service is when applications are hosted by a third-party provider and uses the internet to make them available to customers. There are three main categories of cloud computing, SaaS is a software distribution model that is one of them. The other two categories are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Organizations using SaaS eliminate the need to use their own computers or data c…

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What is CASL? CASL or Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation is one of the world’s toughest forms of legislation when it comes to spam. CASL applies to absolutely all electronic messages (email, texts, messages) sent out by businesses in the sense of “commercial activity.”  The main component of CASL is that it requires all businesses to gain consent from the recipient prior sending any commercial electronic message or CEM within, to, or from Canada. Wha…

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cost per website conversion

What does Cost per Website Conversion mean? Cost per Website Conversion is the average cost of conversions in the form of visitors performing a form of conversation on a website as a result of clicking on an ad. This metric tells you how much money you are spending per conversion achieved from specific ads or entire campaigns. This allows business to know how much they are spending on leads and provides information about the performance and popul…

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